How strong are silverbacks, is a silverback is a male Gorilla. Mountain Gorillas are very strong animals on earth, Gorillas are able to tear down banana trees.

Mountain Gorillas are nine times stronger than human beings, silverback males lift 820kg of deadweight ,a trained man can lift to 410kg which is half as much as apes. An average silverback outweighs almost most professional fighters.

Gorillas are capable of exhibiting amazing strength, the silverback can break a bamboo cane, and their strength is twenty times greater than an average man. 

The silverback bites into the bamboo, weakening it, the measures force can break the plant.

Mountain Gorillas strike any threat, including the leopard or a human attacking, the massive arms are combined with its body weight and muscle arms that can easily break a leopard’s spine or crush a crocodile Mountain Gorilla are equipped with nasty bite force.

Comparing Gorillas to human beings is very useful, take into consideration that their body shape, balance, mobility and abilities that are different, a silverback’s skeleton which is considered.

Gorillas are formed to perform certain movements with more strength than humans; the strength in human does not consider much sense. Their arms have ability to lift weights, even if they do not balance.

Their strength is in self defense or when threatened, gorillas look intimidating but actually very gentle.


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