Summer time: what to carry for a safari  : Its safari time, time for the sun to come out, time for vacations, getaways, safaris and many more. If you are like us; safaris are your thing and your surely planning to go for one this summer. Good on you!

Well as people who deal in safaris, we are excited with you to be going on a  summer safari , it gives us so much joy.

That’s why to help you plan fully for that long awaited safari, we want to share with you somethings of the things you shouldn’t forget to carry with you for this memorable experience.

  1. Summer clothing

Though it’s a safari, please carry summer Clothing – clothing with light fabric and free. It really gets hot during the summer so light clothing will help you stay comfortable even in the heat. However some safari activities  need heavy gear for protection so for those activities you must wear the gear and ensure the heat unless for your entire trip light clothing would be the best.

  1. Adventure gear

Adventurous activities like hiking, mountain climbing, trekking and many more need some gear like boots, gloves etc. If you plan to go for any of those activities please carry the gear you may need, it helps if you have it before hand. Sometimes they sell the gear at the place of the activity so may plan to have money for to buy the gear.

Summer time: what to carry for a safari
Summer time: what to carry for a safari
  1. Camping equipment

If you are going camping, the facility will most probably give a camping tent, the other things like sleeping bags, coverings etc that you need for camping may not be provided. Be on a safe side and carry them for yourself, you can also buy them when you get to the country of your safari.

  1. Needed gadgets

Phones, cameras those are the most common gadgets most people carry on safaris. That said you may have other gadgets you need, make sure you carry them. It may be hard to find them or buy them here.

  1. Money

Of course money is important on a safari, you will need it to pay for services and buy other things. The good news is you can carry your money on a visa card or on the phone. Most safari are equipped for digital transactions .

  1. Medication or health insurance

Especially if you have a health issue to worry about or are considered about your health, you need to carry your prescription medication or health insurance card to access health care as soon as you need it. This is really helpful.

  1. Identification documents

Your identification documents help you to be identified as the person you say you are. Not all the places you will go to will ask for your identification but those who will do, be on the safe side to have them. Also in cases of emergencies your identification is really helpful.

Summer time: what to carry for a safari
Summer time: what to carry for a safari
  1. Vaccination certificates

For East Africa you will need a yellow fever vaccination certificate for entry, however some places may ask for other vaccination certificates. You tour operator can advise on what certificates you need.

  1. Travel documents

Definitely you cannot travel without travel documents. So before you even leave your residence, make sure you have all your travel documents in order. It’s the only was you will be able to travel.

  1. Adventure, fun, exploring spirit

When going for a safari in Africa, exploring fun and adventure should be top on your list. So get there excited and ready to enjoy every part of the safari. No hesitations, let go and take in the experience to the fullest.

These are the top things we could put down on paper, but based on the type of safari your tasking you may need more or less than what we have mentioned. We advise you check with your tour operator for any inquiries and any information.

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