The Aruu Falls Kidepo National Park Safari is a safari that takes you to both the Aruu falls and Kidepo National Park. This safari action packed safari takes place in the northern part of Uganda about 10 to 11 hours away from the country’s capital. This is usually a 5 – 6 day safari if you are travelling by road, and a 4 day safari if you are flying to Kidepo National Park. These two destinations are within a few hours of each hence the possibility of a Uganda safari to both places.

This particular safari can start either from Aruu Falls and the Kidepo National park or from Kidepo National Park and you end with Aruu falls. Whichever way you go will be assured of great fun and exciting safari moments.

On this safari you will get to enjoy these activities and more:-

The Aruu Falls Kidepo National Park Safari
The Aruu Falls
  1. Animal viewing

At both locations your will have a chance to see wild animals in the natural habitat. You will definitely see more animals in Kidepo because it’s a home to over 100 mammal species which include but not limited to: – cheetahs, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, zebras, antelopes and many more. Animals you will sight at the Aruu falls will mainly be primates that live in the aruu forest, these primates include baboons and monkeys.

On this particular Uganda safari you will go for game drives in Kidepo National Park to view the numerous wildlife; the game drives happen in the morning, afternoon and evening. At Aruu falls you will have viewing spots where you will see the primates roam around the forest.

  1. Bird viewing

Aruu Falls and Kidepo National Park combined have a bird population of over 250 species, so if you are a bird lover this is the Uganda safari for you. You see birds in the semi-arid lands of Kidepo National Park and the see the birds in the forested area of the aruu falls – a perfect balance. You will see birds roaming around, hear them singing and enjoy them flying over you.

  1. Rock Climbing

This activity can only be done at the Aruu Falls which has rocks. You can climb the rocks and get up to the top of the falls. This is a thrilling experience but also risky so do it at your own risk. That said during the dry season, it’s said the rocks are bit drier and less slippery so they are easier to climb then.

  1. Swimming

Only at Aruu Falls, will you have a chance to taste the water and swimming at the bottom of the falls. Of course if you a swimmer, this is one activity you will look out for. However you should note that should is done and allowed at the water falls, it risky especially when the falls forces are high and the water levels are high. So even as you swim take care, be very cautious.

  1. Nature walks

At both the Aruu falls and Kidepo National park you can take nature walks to enjoy the beautiful nature and flora of the area. Nature walks at the Aruu falls take you through the forested area where you will see a number of tree species and forest creatures. In Kidepo however you will see the semi- arid vegetation, savannah vegetation and the seasonal river.

The Aruu Falls Kidepo National Park Safari
Game Viewing in Kidepo
  1. Community tours

Visit the Acholi and Langi communities near the Aruu falls and the Ike community that stay in close to Kidepo National Park. In these community tours you will interact with the people as you learn more about their cultures and traditions.

  1. Picnicking

Mainly done at the Aruu falls though can also be done in Kidepo National Park too. At the Aruu falls you have picnics with the falls backdrop as you take in the beautiful nature. In kidepo your picnic is in the jungle with views of the vegetation, wild animals and birds.

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