The best time to visit Rwanda

The best time to visit Rwanda : Rwanda is one of the top tourist destinations in the East African Region, attracting about 10,000 plus travelers every year; into the country to relish the beauty and diverse nature of this small country. Rwanda is famous many things but among them are the mountain gorillas, the a thousand hills, Virunga massif, cleanliness and the 1994 genocide. With all that and much more you cannot blame anyone who is eagerly desires to visit Rwanda.

The best time to visit RwandaThe best time to visit Rwanda

Even with all that beauty and so much more to explore in the country, people are always wondering which is the best time to visit this beautiful country, rather which time of the year guarantees that you will see everything you would like to see in Rwanda?

There is no definite answer to this question because, one – you cannot explore the whole of Rwanda in just one safari trip. the country may look small but it’s quite a huge one to explore, two – different seasons favor specific beauty, so whichever season you visit the country, you will enjoy the beauty favored by that season.

Rwanda has good conditions on a whole; all year round the country is blessed with good weather, comfortable temperatures and generally good conditions for you to enjoy the country. So anytime can be good for you’re to visit Rwanda.

To help you choose the best time for your desired visit to the country, here is a breakdown of what kind of conditions you can expect in the different months.

The best time to visit Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

December – February

These months cover the short dry season; this is because the weather in these months is generally dry, with zero or minimal rain. Most people visit the country during this season because its dry of course but these months are the festive/holiday months where people take vacations and holidays with their friends and families – also because most people visit during this season it may feel crowed, so if you are not a crowd person, this season may not cut it for you. In these months the country is also in a festive season so most accommodation facilities and tour companies have great offers for the season. Then also because it’s a dry season, most adventurous activities like hiking, mountain gorilla trekking, water adventures etc. are best enjoyed in the dry season. So this could be your best time to visit the country or not depending on your preference.

March to May

Very few people brave the rains in this season; hence these are the months that receive the least visitors during the year. These months are characterized with frequent and sometimes heavy rains and they are quite cold. This is the long rainy season of the country, the days in this month have either heavy downpours or drizzles or winds that usually disrupt daily activities and business. Definitely if its pouring you may not have a lot to explore because during exploring you are out in the open – hence when its pouring you can’t explore much. Also if you are going trekking or hiking, this season may not favor you, the trails tend to be soggy and slippery, the activity can quickly become risky. That said, there are people who visit the country during this season and actually enjoy their visit. During this season most Rwanda safari operators have great discounts and places have less people so you really get to enjoy everything to the fullest; at least it’s what we hope.

June to October

This is the long dry season and those it’s not a festive season, its falls in the summer break season, where western countries take vacations and time off to replenish. So you will find people visit the country in this season because of the summer break. Also its longer than December to February so you have more time to explore the country. All the other benefits are the same as mentioned above in December to February.

Late October – November

This is the short rainy season and it’s no different from the March to May, only that they are short.

So, as we stated at the start there is no definite answer to this question, you just need to know what you would like to do in the country and then go ahead choose the best time for that.

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