The mountain gorilla questions : As we all know, in Uganda and Rwanda the most sought after safaris are the mountain gorilla trekking safaris and because of their popularity, we get a lot of questions about gorillas and mountain gorilla trekking.

So in this article we are going to share some of the top mountain gorilla questions and their respective answers for all the curious souls out there. And even for you looking for information on mountain gorillas and mountain gorilla trekking.

You should note though that these are just some of the questions, so they are not all. If you have a question that is not catered for on the list, you should consult your tour operator for that information.

  1. Are gorillas human?

Of course not! Gorillas are not human, if they were human they would be living with us the humans, so they are not human. Gorillas are wild animals in the primate family which is the same family humans belong too. And it’s because of that gorillas share about 95% of their DNA with humans. This makes them have features like the humans like nurturing, use of tools and a few others.

The mountain gorilla questions
The mountain gorilla questions
  1. Why are gorillas fewer than other wild animals?

Gorillas especially mountain gorillas are endangered species because humans keep encroaching on their habitats – and with no habitat the mountain gorillas can’t survive. You should note that the mountain gorilla habitats are specific so when they are destroyed the gorillas will die. Savannah animals on the other hand don’t have very specific habitats like gorillas so even when humans encroach on their habitats, they can always find other habitats and survive perfectly.

  1. What do gorillas eat?

Gorillas are herbivores animals so they eat leaves, fruits, stems, shrubs and in some cases tiny insects.

  1. How many children do gorillas have in a lifetime?

Gorillas like humans have one child at a time and then spend time nurturing the young one, so will not have a lot of off springs in their lifetime but if a female can have up 7 children in her lifetime, leaving all other factors constant.

  1. Why are children not allowed to trek mountain gorillas?

One because trekking is tiresome, children cannot handle it. But majorly because mountain gorillas really don’t see children as humans, they see them as tiny things they can play with, so they can easily grab the child and swing, throw, and trample on him or her. This can kill the child in an instant.

  1. When should I trek mountain gorillas?

Anytime, you want! Mountain gorilla trekking takes places all year round, on almost of the days of the year. So whenever you want to go for a mountain gorilla trek, you can go for one. But you should note though that sometimes of the year give you a less tiresome trekking experience, compared to others. So you can put that in consideration.

  1. Are there gorilla permit discounts for this year 2022??

Rwanda has promotional rates for mountain gorilla permits purchased and used this year. These rates will end this year December 2022 and they are 500 USD for all foreign residents down from 1500 USD the normal fee. So if you plan to trek this year this should be a good deal for you.

The mountain gorilla questions
Gorilla Trekking

Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo, do not have any such offers as per the time of writing of this article.

  1. Which mountain gorilla park has the most gorillas?

Bwindi National Park in Uganda, It has over 3 quarters of the total world gorilla population of mountain gorillas.

  1. Do chimpanzees live with gorillas?

No though they both live in forests mountain gorillas start in mountainous forests, chimpanzees stay in flat land forests, usually rain forests.

  1. Who do I contact to go for a mountain gorilla trekking trip?

Contact achieve global safaris to book, plan and go for your perfect mountain gorilla safari.

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