The New National Park in Rwanda: Rwanda is known to have so very many national parks that are filled with so many attractions, but Rwanda has gazette up a new national park and the national park keeps growing famous by day due to the numerous attractions that are found in it.

Gishwati-Mukura National Park

Gishwati-Mukura National Park is the newly created national park in Rwanda this national park is reserved on an area of approximately 34 sq km and is located on the ridge that divides the Congo and the Nile waters.

Attractions in Gishwati-Mukura National Park


Giswhati-mukura National Park harbors a variety of wildlife that call the national park home and this is why the national park is gazette to preserve the wildlife the national park has wildlife such as Eastern chimpanzees, golden monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons. The park is also home to mammal and amphibian species such as serval, genet, African civet, side-striped jackal, frogs, Chameleons, skinks, and Giant earthworms among others.


Aside from the mammals in the national park, Gishwati-Mukura is also home to over 300 species of birds among those are endemic to the Albertine rift and forest birds such Ruwenzori Turaco, Handsome francolin, Martial Eagle, Grey-crowned crane, Regal Sunbird, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Ruwenzori Batis, Wood hoopoe, Purple-breasted Sunbird, Martial Eagle, Strange weave, Dusky Crimson wing, Ruwenzori Turaco, Mountain Yellow Warblers, Red-throated Alethe among others.

While at the national park, there are so very many safari activities that can be carried out at the park perimeters and these safari activities continue to make the national park a super exciting destination to visit,

Safari activities to do in Gishwati-Mukura National Park

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most sought safari activities in the national park due to the fact that the national park is home to various chimpanzees that can be spotted as they pick fruits and also skip from one tree to another as they are playing with each other. primate species that dwell in the forest include golden monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys as well as forest mammals and reptiles like serval cats, African civets, chameleons, and giant earth worms among others.

Primate tracking

The national park is home to a large number of primates; hence primate tracking is one of the excellent safari activities to carry out in the national park and these include: Golden monkeys, Chimpanzees, blue monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, and baboons.

The New National Park in Rwanda
Golden Monkey Trekking

Birding watching

As earlier mentioned, the national park is home to over 300 bird species which have been recorded to be in the national park and these include the Albertine Rift birds and such birds include Ruwenzori Batis. Mountain yellow warblers, stripe-breasted tit, red-throated alethe, weaver’s birds, Ruwenzori Turaco, woodchoppers, regal sunbirds, grey crowned crane, purple-breasted sunbirds, strange weavers, and martial eagle among others.

A Visit to the Waterfall

Sightseers also get to view the stunning waterfall in the national park called Kazeneze Waterfall which is the most stunning area in the national park to hike and marvel at, the waterfall is right in the middle of the national park and this turns out to be a fantastic point to trail at while in the national park.

Nature walks

Nature walks are some of the best ways to explore the national park and this is led by well-trained safari guides as they get to move along the different trails of the national park as they view wildlife such as; butterflies, chameleons, insects, birds, and primates.

You will also get to see over 60 species of trees that are found in the forest such as bamboos, ferns, Macaranga kilimand, mahogany, and orchids, macaranga new species such as dombeya torrida, eucalyptus, hagenia Abyssinian, and polyscias fulva among others

The best time to visit in Gishwati-Mukura National Park

While you get to sightsee some of the national parks it is advisable to venture to the destination in the most comfortable seasons of the year, as this is the only way you can get to enjoy your adventure with no struggles.

The best time advised to sightsee the national park is within the dry months of the year which are the months of June to September, however, the National Park can be visited all year through.

Accommodation facilities in Gishwati-Mukura National Park

This is the most basic thing to consider before setting off for any kind of safari, while on an adventure to the newest national park in Rwanda, sightseers are assured of the best accommodations ranging from budget, mid-range, and luxury accordingly the national park has 6 cottages and accommodates a maximum of 12 guests. Hence no need to worry about accommodation while at the national park.

For more information about the newest national park in Rwanda, sightseers can contact Achieve global safari tour operators who will help you arrange make bookings for your safari to the newest national park in Rwanda.

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