The Nyungwe National Park safari is one that will take you to Nyungwe forest to explore the forest and the creatures in the forest. This forest is home to chimpanzees, monkeys and other primates. It is home to a numerous tree species, bird species, butterflies and many other creatures.

Safari activities in Nyungwe National Park


  • Road trip to the park
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Canopy walk
  • Nature walk

Day 1: Road trip to the park

You will start from Kigali. You will be up early, have breakfast and after breakfast you will travel to south of Rwanda to Nyungwe National park.  On your road trip you will enjoy views of flora, make stops at local markets, the traditional palace in Nyanza, Butare Botanical Gardens and the cultural museum.

You will get to Nyungwe in the evening, and you will check into your accommodation have dinner and a night rest.

Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking

You will have an early breakfast and transfer to the park headquarters for the chimpanzee trekking briefing. You will enter the jungle to search for the chimps, and when you find them, spend an hour with them.

After you will exit the forest, head to your accommodation where you will spend the rest of the day at leisure.

In the evening you will have dinner and a good night rest at your accommodation

Day 3: Nature Walk and Canopy walk

You will be up at leisure, have your breakfast and then head to the park for a nature walk into the forest to explore the beauty of the forest and the other creatures in the forest. You will then have a break for a meal after the meal you will go into the forest for a canopy walk on a suspended trail to view the forest and the surrounding area from above.

You will then retire for the day, have dinner and a night’s rest at your accommodation.

The Nyungwe National Park Safari
Canopy walks

Day 4: waterfalls and plantations

You will be up at leisure, have breakfast and after you will go to the tea plantations in the communities near nyungwe. You will tour the plantations interact with the farmers and locals. If you wish you will can have a meal with the locals. After this you will head back to your accommodation for lunch and an afternoon rest.

Later you will go into the forest for a waterfall experience. You will enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls and the surrounding nature.

This spree will end in the evening and you will then head to your accommodation for dinner and a night rest

Day 5: Kigali

You will be up early, have breakfast and after breakfast you will set off for Kigali. Like on the starting day this will be a long journey and your will be in Kigali in the afternoon. The guide will drop you at a location of your liking in Kigali.

That will be the end of the Nyungwe National Park safari.

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