The pros of a group safari : Travelling in groups has always been fun, exciting and an experience travellers always desired to have. However when Covid-19 hit, everything changed, isolation became the new normal. That even now two years when life seems to be back to normal, a lot of people wonder if it’s good to safari in a group. At the end of the day, whichever safari you choose you will have a great safari experience we promise than. But to help you make up your mind, we have listed five things we fell are great about group safaris that we feel will give you more light on what a group safari is.

Before we dive into the pros of a group safari, we should emphasise that the number of covid-19 cases in most countries has gone really done and with vaccination there is a slight guarantee of safety so group safaris are safe. Also it’s no secret that group safaris happen in strict observation of the covid-19 Sops, so at least you will be safe.

The pros of a group safari:-


When you are having a group safari, you’re assured of company throughout your safari. I mean you’re not alone; you’re with other people so the safari is more enjoyed and long drives are more bearable because you are not alone. Also having company on a safari helps you not be home sick – usually safaris are in Africa where most people have not been before, so have others with you the safari helps you adjust and feel warm.

Shared fun and memories

The more the merrier is true when you safaring in a group. You have shared fun moments that eventually become shared memories. For example when you do activities like hiking, primate trekking, mountain climbing, cycling, game viewing, hot air balloon etc together the fun is off the charts; making the memories off the charts too.

The pros of a group safari
The pros of a group safari

Also seeing your friends experience some things with you is such a warm feeling, you will be glad you came with them for the safari.

Morale support

Especially if you are doing activities like hiking, mountain gorilla trekking, water rafting, quad biking, bungee jumping e.t.c adventurous and sporty activities, you will appreciate the morale support you get from your friends while taking on these activities.

Their morale support and cheering on actually helps you complete the very adventurous activities and conqueror your fears.

Fair bill

Group safaris always have a fair bill because the total cost of the safari is always shared among the group member. So you literally don’t spend a lot on a safari, compared to if you we going to safari alone.

Also groups get a lot of discounts on different services and products so being in a group will get you the best deals on some things, which wouldn’t easily happen when you are alone. The other thing is because you’re in a group you tend to share things so instead of buying some things you will share with others and hence you wouldn’t have to spend.

Feeling of security and safeness

In a group you tend to feel secure and safe because you’re with other people. You always know that in case of danger or something happens to you, you have people with you who can help you, come to your rescue and even call for more help.  This sense of security and safeness allows you to enjoy your Uganda safari without worries or reservations.

Those are the pros of having a group safari. Hope it gives you the basic information you need to make a decision on group safaris.

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