The pros of having solo safaris : Before COVID19 or from time immemorial safaris were always a group or family affair: following the saying the more the merrier. But things have changed and in the recent days its not uncommon for someone to embark on a Uganda Rwanda safari alone. So below we want to highlight some of the pros of a solo safaris; and this is not to say group or family safaris are not good. We are just shining a light on the goods of solo safaris for those who would wish to take one in the near future.

So the pros of a solo safari include;-

  1. Destination of choice

Since you are alone on your safari, you get to choose a safari destination that you like and actually want to visit. Which may not easily happen in a group because with s group, you have to choose a destination  that favors all of you in the group.

The pros of having solo safaris
The pros of having solo safaris
  1. Personalized itinerary

You also get to custom make your itinerary what you like and want. You decide what activities you will do, when and what you can skip etc. You also have the liberty to chose where to be at given times depending on your convenience yet with a group you may have to  choose the itinerary based on what works for everyone in the group.

  1. Accommodation of choice

You also get to have the upper hand in the type of accommodation you have on your safari. Usually when your with a group you choose an accommodation plan that will accommodate all of you or is economically friendly for all of you.

When your alone it’s your preferences and finances to  consider, which gives you the ability to have your accommodation of choice.

  1. Personalized safari experience

Alone you get to enjoy a personalized safari experiences as you take on activities and adventures at your pace and liking. You can choose to view animals the whole day, take walks for as long as you want taking in everything fully. Unlike when you are in a group, your doing most of the activities in a hurry so that at least each one gets a chance to do an activity they like.

  1. Opportunity to make friends

On a solo safari, you have the opportunity to make new friends and grow your networks. When your in the group you literally have company and spend your safari with the group leaving you less or no time to meet other people. On a solo safari, you are free to meet other people since you don’t have company, your able to notice others and actually give them time to interact with you.

  1. Easier to move across nations or safari destinations.

Crossing borders or moving from  place to another is always easy when you are alone. Your considered alone, processed alone and all these things handled as a an individual.

In a group everything has to be done in a group so if someone’s documents or monies don’t add up, it may affect your plans to move to another destination.

The pros of having solo safaris
The pros of having solo safaris
  1. You spend all your money on you and your wants.

In  group travels there’s a lot of pooling money for activities or services on the safari, which at first may seem cheaper but sometimes you pool money for things you don’t really want but because your with a group you have too.

When your solo, you will spend on what you want and your decide what amount you decide.

Well these are just some of the pros of solo safaris, but there are more; so before you decide on a solo safari you should consult with your tour operator for more information and guidance.

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