The Ugandan Rolex : Uganda is a place of fantastic experiences that each and every one deserves to encounter in life Uganda is rich of different mind blowing ventures and sceneries but mostly Uganda has some of the best enjoyments to embark on.

Uganda is country with different kinds of tribes and also thousand types of food and the most exciting venture about this is that most people love the taste of the food that is in the pearl of Africa and so very many people  leave their homeland just to come have far beyond of taste of the food found in Uganda.

Some of the most famous food in Uganda is the Ugandan Rolex so famous to the level that it carries so very sightseers to come and have the taste of it and this lead the government of Uganda to rise up an event just to celebrate the famous Rolex of Uganda.

As it is in Uganda now none can talk about food and fail to mention the great Ugandan Rolex, not mentioning the Ugandan Rolex would simply be a total waste of time not to mention the one thing that thousands of people travel to come and experience the way it is made and how it tastes.

The Ugandan Rolex is a chapatti rolled with fried eggs/and or meats and vegetables and this is simply served in almost every area of Uganda and every restaurant in the country for your own safari additions of venture.

There are multiple of different kinds of visitors that ask for the recipe of the Ugandan Rolex and how it is prepared with different information from different sources in Uganda Achieve global safaris have it that the famous the first step of preparing a Ugandan Rolex is love and passion.

And that is the only way to have a sweet and love filled Ugandan Rolex after that add on the true Ugandan spirit, and to go far into the history of the Ugandan Rolex it is believed that the best makers of the Ugandan Rolex originate from busoga kingdom so one can even make their way to the busoga kingdom and get to know far more about where the love of this famous snack simply originated.

The Ugandan Rolex
The Ugandan Rolex

After getting to know the love and attaining the spirit of making the famous Ugandan Rolex then dive in the procedures of making the session Ugandan Rolex get to know the needed ingredients to use and the proper measurements to have in for the making of the best Ugandan Rolex.

Ok then for an over-sized mug easily holds all the ingredients for a 2-egg Rolex. The high sides make whipping the mixture together a splash-free action.

Secondly, the egg mixture is poured onto a hot, well-oiled pan and spread out with the same spoon used to whip the eggs.

After getting to notice that the first side of the eggs is cooked, flip the eggs over but make sure that it is golden brown.

While the eggs are still in the pan, top them with a large chapatti.The steam coming off the eggs will soften the chapatti and make it easier to roll.

One is free to add some tomatoes and onions then one will have the first class of Ugandan Rolex and get to have the best kind of it made by your own hands, but to add more fun to this just have a visit for the famous Ugandan Rolex festival this year.

And this is how to prepare a tasty Ugandan Rolex just as earlier mentioned the passion u put in it as you prepare the snack the level of tastiness it will have hence with Achieve global safaris you have the chance to try out this most taste snack in Uganda.

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