Things to do in Kigali : As a city with many hills, climbing one of them is a must during your stay. Of all the hills in the city

Climb Mount Kigali

Mount Kigali is the most interesting. Mount Kigali is not actually a mountain but the tallest hill in Kigali. The name is an attempt at capturing the attention of tourists in the city. Mount Kigali is 6,000 feet high and to get to the summit, one needs to get to the starting point in Nyamirabo (Close to Sun city hotel). Getting to the summit rewards tourists with the best views of the entire city and is an excellent spot for group photos. After enjoying beautiful views of the city, tourists tend to go for a meal or drink at Mera Neza. There is also a ranch in Fazenda Sengha for those interested in horse riding.

Local Motorbike tour 

Also known as boda, motorcycles are arguably the most popular and convenient means of transport in Rwanda. Motorbike transport in Rwanda is more formalized and organized. There are strong laws governing operators. For example, every rider has a designated station, protective headgear (for both the rider and passenger) and a limited carrying capacity. A tourist can rent one for a self-ride or be taken for a city tour by one of the riders. Motorbike tours are excellent for exploring Kigali in a more personal way. You are able to see parts of the city that you would not with a car. Motorbikes are fast and flexible allowing you to visit different sites within a few hours.


Wondering where to volunteer while in Kigali? Well, you will be spoilt for choice because there are many social projects for people interested in volunteering. Hospitals, schools, sports organizations and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) have such kind of opportunities for people who want to lend a hand. Volunteering is not only an opportunity to offer your services for the greater good but also an opportunity to interact with the local people. This is the time to understand the culture of the people and the challenges they face.

Go bowling

The local people are not so keen on bowling because it is seen as a game for the affluent. Never the less, it is a very exciting game for families or friends because it encourages bonding and character building. Mamba club is one of the popular places for bowling. Everything is arranged is such a way as to encourage networking. If you are very social, you may end up getting the right business contacts. You can hangout after the games with families and friends. Mamba Club even has food, ice cream and food for those who may be interested.

Things to do in Kigali
Go bowling

Visit Craft shops and Art Galleries

Like everywhere else, the people of Rwanda love to tell their story using art. Most art products are derived from materials got locally. Some of the products include colorful dresses, bangles, necklaces and beads. These products can be bought for display in living rooms, as souvenirs or as gifts for loved ones. The art centres in Kigali include Kigali Arts centre, Abien Arts Centre, Inema Arts centre, Ivuka arts, Indiba art space. For the best fashion, consider visiting Abraham Kongo collections, GoKigali Boutique, Nyamirambo Women’s centre and Sarah Day Design.

Visit a health Club

As a progressive city, Kigali is home to several health clubs that offer services like pedicure, facial clean-up, manicures, steam baths, sauna, body massage, body building and aerobics. Your budget dictates which place to go to because there are both high-end and more budget friendly options.

Shopping Malls

Those interested in window or serious shopping will struggle to choose where to go from the hundreds of shopping malls in the city. There are both small and large super markets. For the best shopping experience, it is always recommended that you go to the larger malls. Here you will find groceries, toiletries, textiles, shoes and electronics. Some of the big shopping mall brands include Kigali Heights, Kigali city mall, M Peace Plaza, Masterpiece mall and Uchumi.


This daredevil activity is a recent tourist attraction in Kigali. It involves jumping in a free fall from a small plane and stabilizing with the help of a parachute. Skydiving is a sport that was borrowed from military paratroopers. The activity is safe but not for the faint-hearted. It is also an expensive venture that is licensed/managed by the Rwanda Aviation authority.

Ride a Horse

Horse riding is organized at Rugende park and also Fazenda Sangha on Mount Kigali. It is an exciting adventure where participants go to discover the breath-taking landscapes of the countryside on a horse. Horse riding open to both learners and experts. Learners have to first go through lessons on the basics of jumping onto a horse and managing movement.


Skating is very popular with youths and teenagers but even elders can take part. Skating is a newly introduced activity in Kigali and like horse riding, requires some practice. The best place to learn skating while in Kigali is at SOS school in Kacyiru.  The school teaches skating for both recreation and competitions.


Like bowling, the locals see golfing as a game for the more affluent, expatriates and a few of the middle class. This perception must be true because whenever you visit Kigali Golf club in Nyarutarama, you will find most of the golfers are government officials, tourist, expatriates and businessmen. This 18-hole course requires a regular membership fee which may not be affordable for the ordinary local. However, even non-members can visit the club once in a while and get a chance to mingle with some of the influential residents of the city. Golfing equipment can be hired for a fee.

Play Tennis

If you love lawn or table tennis, know that Kigali has several arenas where you can register to play the games. The best tennis courts are in Amahoro stadium, Umubano Hotel, Hotel Des Milles Collines, Cercle Sportif and Nyarutarama Sports Club. Most of the courts are made of clay giving a “Roland Garros” kind of experience to the participants.

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