Things to do with Mountain Gorillas : Am sure if you have booked your mountain gorilla trekking trip, you already know you will be spending one hour with the gorillas. And one hour may seem too short and too long for others but it’s the allocated time for trekkers during the mountain trekking experience.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda

So depending on where you fall on the spectrum – whether you feel, one hour is long or whether you feel one hour is short we are sure you can spend that hour well and enjoy it to the fullest. So here are some of the things you do in that one hour you spend with the mountain gorillas.

  1. Watch them

You watch them, the reason you on this trekking trip or experience is to watch mountain gorillas so you have to take time and just watch them, watch them as they go about their gorilla business, feed, interact with each other, play, use different things around them etc. Generally just watch.

Things to do with Mountain Gorillas
Mountain Gorillas
  1. Take photos

Then also take photos for keeping the record. You can take as many photos as you wish or like or as many as your garget can handle at the time. You can take photos of the surrounding, of the gorillas, of the gorilla trekking group, of yourself in the presence of the gorillas of anything you wish. You have one hour, so make it count.

As you take the photos please remember to keep your flash off. Flash photography is not good for the gorillas.

  1. Cross check facts

If you are one of those trekkers who came well-read and informed about the gorillas, you can cross check you facts with what you are seeing in front of you. Sometimes what you have read may not correlate with what you seeing or it may correlate so, just cross check;- make use of your one hour with the gorillas.

  1. Observe and take notes

On the other hand you may be the one who is going to write on the gorillas so you can keenly observe and take notes of what you are seeing. How the mountain gorillas are behaving and all the other things happening while you are in the presence of the mountain gorillas. You never know you may need to refer to these notes some time in future.

  1. Ask for explanations from the rangers

On the trekking experience you have a mountain gorilla trekking ranger who is also your guide on this activity. So ask all you need to know about the gorillas and anything you need to know about mountain gorillas and mountain gorillas trekking. You can ask as you observe the gorillas, but remember do not point in the gorillas.

  1. Enjoy the forest atmosphere

Enjoy the forest, when was the last time you were in a forest stationery and secure that nothing is going to happen to you, you there legally with company no one is chasing you. Enjoy the forest, learn the tree species and get more information about them. You have the time so use it.

Things to do with Mountain Gorillas
Bwindi Forest

Basically those are some of the things you can do with your one hour in the presence of the mountain gorillas. You should also know that there are things you shouldn’t do, which are:-

  • Do not engage in behavior that will irritate the gorillas
  • Do not get so close to the gorillas – always keep a 7 meter distance
  • Do not use flash photography
  • Do not feed the gorillas
  • Do not touch the gorillas
  • Do not shout in front of the gorilla
  • Do not make funny noises

And a couple of other things – your tour operator and trekking ranger will communicate them.

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