Tooro King makes it to the Mt Rwenzori Summit : This August had a number of momentous events happening in East Africa from the Kenya elections, Lewis Hamilton’s visit to Kenya and Rwanda, the president of African Parks – Prince Harry visiting Rwanda among others but for Uganda the King of Tooro, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru made it to the Mt Rwenzori summit for the first time in his over 20 year reign.

Mt. Rwenzori standing tall at 5,109 meters is one of the highest mountains in the East African region and the third highest in Africa. So, people are always yearning for an opportunity to conquer this mountain to reach the summit. Well over the years many hikers have tried to conquer the mountain some have made it up to the summit, others who couldn’t handle the challenged have stopped mid-way and lived to tell of their attempts.

Now for the King of Tooro to take on this famous mountain shouldn’t shock you neither should it surprise you. One as stated above, a lot of people want to hike this mountain so it’s prestigious to make it to the summit of this mountain. Plus in the past few months alone over 100 people have tried their luck in conquering the mountain. Two, Mt. Rwenzori happens to be located in the bounds of Tooro Kingdom, so naturally the king of the kingdom has to experience the features in in his kingdom. Plus as a king hiking the third highest mountain in Africa, it promotes the mountain as a destination, inspires others hikers among other things.

Tooro King makes it to the Mt Rwenzori Summit
King Oyo

Well, there must be very many reasons why the King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, took on this 10 day expedition to the Margherita summit. And whatever the reasons we are glad to say he made it to the top.

King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV led a team of hikers and individuals from Uganda Tourism Board to the Rwenzori Mountains under the ‘Conserving Mountain Ecosystems’ campaign which highlights the beauty and splendor of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges as one of the remaining equatorial glaciers in the world.

The 10 day mountain Rwenzori hike that the King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV took on is broken down as below.:-

  • Nyakalengija (1646) – The Nyabitaba Hut (2652): The first day of the hike you start from Nyakalengija and go on for 5 to 6 hours to Nyabitaba Hut where you spend a night for that day.
  • The Nyabitaba Hut – The John Matte Hut (3414m): On the second day you move from Nyabitaba Hut up 7 hourss to John Matte Hut.
  • The John Matte Hut – The Bujuku Hut (3972m): Day three you continue up the mountain crossing river Bujuku to get Lake Bujuku all the way to Bujuku Hat.
  • The Bujuku Hut – The Elena Hut (4430m): Day four you continue the climb and have a pit stop at the Elena Hut.
  • Climb to Mt. Stanley: This will be day five you will move up to Mt Stanley.
  • Continuing up to the Summit: You will continue on to the summit on the next day. This is the day you will get to Margarita and then after descend to Mt. Stanley
  • After getting to Stanley you will now slope down back to Elena hut past Lake Kitandara all the way to Kitandara Hut.
  • The Kitandara Hut – The Guy Yeoman Hut (3261m): Then you will move the guy yeoman hut the next day. Still descending back to your starting point.
  • The Guy Yeoman Hut – The Nyabitaba Hut: From the Guy Yeoman hut, you now head to the Nyabitaba hut.
  • The Nyabitaba Hut – Nyakalengija: Final day of the descent you head to the trail head at Nyakalengija, where you depart to your respective destinations when you get there.

The Mt. Rwenzori Hike can be done any time of the year by fit persons. If you would like to be a part of one contact a tour consultant for more information.

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