Top Christmas safaris in Rwanda : Christmas is around the corner, the time of year to celebrate relax enjoy everything around to the fullest, because you have worked the whole year and you deserve the rest.  Everyone plans for the best Christmas family, some to go out to their home towns, others to stay indoors and the nature lovers always have a safari planned for the season.

4 Days Nyungwe Forest & Akagera Wildlife Safari

Whichever country yiu choose to have a safari in, will give you a spectacular experience, one you will never forget for the rest of your life. However, have you tried Rwanda before? Would you want to try Rwanda as your Christmas safari destination this year ?

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is such a beautiful country to unwind for Christmas and anytime of the year. Its rich flora and fauna are also a plus for you as you safari in the country.   So here is a list of the top Christmas safaris in Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla trekking safari

Rwanda is famous for the mountain gorillas; it’s one of the three countries that are homes to rare apes. Actually, when you talk safari and Rwanda, the first thing the rings loud is mountain gorillas.

A mountain gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda will take you the famous Volcanoes National Park; which is the habitat for these primates.

The trekking safaris will start at 7am in the morning, meaning you have to spend a night at the Volcanoes National Park. You will start with a briefing at the park headquarters, after the brief you will head into the forest to find the gorillas. You will spend one hour with the gorillas and then exit the forest.

The entire safari takes about 5 to 6 hours and you then head be back to your accommodation.

The beauty with a trekking safari during the Christmas season, is after the trekking there are a lot of other refreshing activities at the park like carol singing gathering, eating together in a sunset view, or even visiting the Ibyachu village.

Top Christmas safaris in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes

The list is endless; you just have to choose what to take on. You can also decide to spend the rest of day alone or you can head back to Kigali city for the city experience.

Chimpanzee trekking safari

This safari is similar to the mountain gorilla trekking. It also starts at 7am, so you will have to spend the previous night at the park. The chimpanzee trekking safari in Rwanda happens at the Nyungwe National Park.

It gives you a chance to trek the Nyungwe forest for the chimpanzees, like in the case of the gorillas you will spend an hour with the chimpanzees before you exit the forest.

The other activities you can engage in at this particular park include but not limited to canopy walks, waterfall treks, nature walks, plantation tours, forest walks among others.

This is what makes the chimpanzee trekking safari, it’s all the other activities you get to do on you’re the safari.

Savannah animal viewing safari

This Rwanda safari takes places at the Akagera National park. On this safari, you get to view the numerous savannah animals in the park and the country that include but not limited to:- lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras, buffaloes, topis, warthogs, hippos, antelopes and many more.

This park offers morning, day and afternoon games drives, so you can just pop in when you want the game drive and enjoy it.

You can also take part in the other activities at the park include boat rides, nature walks, bird watching sprees, sport fishing and others.

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