Top Independence Safaris

Top Independence Safaris : On 9th October 1962, Uganda gained Independence from Britain and became an independent republic the following year. This year will be celebrating 59 years of independence, growth and development as a nation. More to that, every time the country celebrates Independence, it celebrates its beautiful nature, wildlife and diverse culture. Uganda is home to over 20 people tribes that make up the unique cultures of the land, but the country is mostly known for being home to over 1000 mammal species including the famous and endangered primates, over 4500 bird species and other creatures. Uganda is also known for its magnificent nature from the savannahs, acacias, and bush lands to numerous water bodies, hills and many other natural features.

So this Independence we invite you enjoy some of the beauty of the land by taking one of these tours of the land.

  1. Mountain gorilla safari

The mountain gorilla safari will take you to the south western part of the country where you will experience the famous mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Mountain gorillas are some of the rare primates and can only be found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda is home to over half of the total world population of mountain gorillas so you are rest assured to sight mountain gorillas on your mountain gorilla safari.

For a mountain gorilla safari you will visit either Bwindi National Park or Mgahinga National Park, where you will go on a trek into the mountainous forest to search for the endangered gorillas, when you find them you will spend an hour with the gorillas and then exit the forest. These treks take about 5 to 8 hours depending on where you’re trekking. Mountain gorilla Trekking safaris are some of the most memorable safaris so be sure to try out one this independence season.

Top Independence Safaris
Gorilla Trekking Safaris
  1. Chimpanzee trekking safari

Next to mountain gorilla safaris are the chimpanzee trekking safaris, just like the gorillas chimpanzees are unique primates that share a great deal of DNA with the humans and are interesting to observe as they live their life in the forest. Uganda is the region is the country with the most chimpanzees and chimpanzees in the country are found in Kibale National Park, Budongo Forest, Kyambura gorge, Ngamba Island and Kalinzu forest.

You can have a chimpanzee trek in any of those locations and you will be amazed at the beauty of these primates. Like the gorilla trekking, you trek the forest until you find the chimpanzees and when you find them spend an hour with them before you exit the forest.

This is a must try safari this independence season

  1. Savannah wildlife safari

Savannah wildlife safaris are done in Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and many other National parks and game reserves in the country.

These safaris give you an opportunity to explore the savannah grasslands as you view several wildlife animals that include but not limited to Lions including tree climbing lions, elephants, Rhinos, leopards, Buffaloes, cheetahs, topis, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, hippos, antelopes and many more. You will have game drives in these savannah parks to view these numerous animals as you appreciate the scenic beauty of the park’s flora and topography.

Top Independence Safaris
Big 5 Animals in Uganda

Other activities you will enjoy in some savannah parks will be birding, boat rides, nature walks, hot air balloons etc. These activities and many more will surely make your Independence special, so plan to visit a savannah park this Independence.

These are the top 3 independence Uganda safaris that we recommend you try out this independence season.

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