Tourist Genocide Memorials and Museums Sites in Rwanda : In 1994, Rwanda experienced a genocide, which was a planned campaign of mass murder that occurred over the course of about 100 days between April–July 1994. The genocide was conceived by extremist elements of Rwanda’s majority Hutu population who planned to kill the minority Tutsi population and anyone who opposed those genocidal intentions. It is estimated that about 200,000 Hutu, spurred on by propaganda from various media outlets, participated in the genocide. More than 800,000 civilians primarily Tutsi, but also moderate Hutu were killed during the campaign. As many as 2,000,000 Rwandans fled the country during or immediately after the genocide. Today all through Rwanda, there are variety of genocide sites and museums where some of the lost lives and buried or places where the Rwanda generations will commemorate the most tragic experience. Below we have shared some of the Genocide memorial Sites and Museums, one can visit on your Rwanda Cultural safari.

Ntarama and Nyamata Genocide Memorials

These two genocide memorial sites are located approximately 30km from the capital Kigali, and they showcase displays of the among the most ferocious massacres that happened in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994 and even before that. These two sites were actually churches and the contents inside them are a big reminder of the brutality that happened in those places back in 1994.

The Nyarutarama is a prosperous and very attractive area found within the Nyarutarama valley along the border of the Kigali Golf course. The lake is encompassed by a trail that offers very rewarding nature walks as well as bird watching opportunities to its visitors.

Natural History Museum

This is also referred to as the ‘Kandt house’. It was the very first modern-house to be constructed in Kigali since its declaration as the Capital city of Rwanda. The museum is dedicated to and early explore and doctor Richard Kandt originally from Germany who came to Rwanda back in 1897 during his quest for the source of river Nile, however, on his second visit, he constructed his house here in 1908. This beautiful Museum displays the great work of this early explore together with several natural wonders of Rwanda.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

There are 3 permanent exhibitions on this site once is the children’s memorial, the other exhibits documents about the 1994 Rwanda genocide and then an exhibition on the true history of the genocide. There are mass graves with approximately 259,000 people at this site.

Kigali Camp

This was established in memory of the brutal murder of 10 United Nations blue-berets from Belgium on the very first day of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. This camp has a tiny museum along with a memorial that displays a stone pillar for every soldier and his or her respective ages denoted as a line.

Tourist Genocide Memorials and Museums Sites in Rwanda
Kigali Camp

The Nyanza or Kicukiro Memorial site

This site commemorates the murder of over 10,000 Rwandan civilians that occurred at Ecole technique official. This museum properly documents the murders and stresses how the international community disserted the local people of Rwanda.

Presidential Palace

The residence of the President Habyarimana, a former Rwanda president between 1973 to 1994 when his plane was shot down killing him and then the president of Burundi (President Cyprien Ntaryamira). Today the presidential palace is a museum prominently known for its plane rubble that remained of the presidential plane following it’s crash on April 6th 1994.

Heroes Cemetery

The Heros Cemetery another fascinating site worth visiting on your Safari in Rwanda.  This site is somewhat connected to the happenings of the of the 1994 genocide however, it is dedicated to the Rwanda Heroes such as Fred Gisa Rwigema who actually led the RPF to put an end to the genocide. He usually commonly went to the battlefield where unfortunately he was killed.

Nyabarongo wetland

Despite the vibrant tourism activities here, this wetland has remained untouchable and offer rewarding bird watching and nature walk experiences. It covers a total of 142.62 square kilometers of protected land area, which include Lake Mirayi and Lake Rumira. For those interested, you may enjoy some swimming at the Nyarutama Golf course, where you can also enjoy golfing experience. Later in the day you may visit one of the spas, and enjoy some pampering

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