Travel and Tourism: Frequently asked questions 2022 : Since the reopening of the tourism sector after the long 2020 lockdown, people have kept asking questions about travel guidelines to make sure they have all they need for the travel. This is because post Covid19, most travel guidelines were adjusted to help the effective prevention of the spread of the Covid19 virus.

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Fast forward 2022, there has been a lot of progress in fighting Covid19 but the questions never stop. So in this article below we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions in 2022 in travel and tourism.

  1. Do I need PCR Results to enter another country?

In 2021, it was a mandatory requirement for you to have negative PCR results to be admitted into another country, however with the rolling out of the Covid19 vaccination some countries are okay with you entering the country without the PCR results if you are fully vaccinated.

However this is also dependant on other factors like not showing any signs of sickness among other things.

In East Africa you can be granted entry to 4 of the East African Countries without PCR results if you are fully vaccinated. In Uganda though, you need the PCR results whether you’re vaccinated or not.

Travel and Tourism: Frequently asked questions 2022
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  1. Do I need to observe the Covid19 SOPs?

Yes! Though Covid19 cases have really gone down and more people are getting vaccinated, the virus is still with us. So it’s for your own good and the good of the others in the community that you observe the Covid19 SOPs as much as possible so that you stay safe and keep other safe as you travel and enjoy your safari.

  1. Will I stay safe from catching Covid19 on my safari?

We don’t know. The Covid19 virus is not a thing that anyone can control, so they are no guarantees of not catching the virus. However we strongly advise that you observe all recommended SOPs will on your Uganda safari. Observing the SOPs increases your chances of not catching the virus.

  1. If I have had Covid19 before, will I be allowed to trek mountain gorillas?

If you have had covid19 before and recovered, have tested negative for Covid19 and had vaccination (not a must) you are eligible to go for a gorilla trekking experience. Especially if you are currently in good health and fit enough to take on the trek.

  1. Are all Safari places open to the public?

Yes! In East Africa all the safari places are open to the public. You are able to access all these places every day, all year round.

  1. Can I still cross from Rwanda to Uganda with the EA Visa?

Yes you can. If you have a valid East African Visa you cross from Rwanda to Uganda and to Kenya with the same Visa. For Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi and now DRC, you need a separate to enter these countries even though they are part of the East African community.

  1. What Safari activities can I do in East Africa?

Quite a number! All the East African countries offer their visitors a variety of safari activities that include but not limited to game viewing, bird watching, primate trekking, water adventures, mountain hiking, animal rides, zip lining, boat rides, hot air balloon experiences, cave adventures, nature walks, community tours and many more. What you can do comes down to your preference and the particular country you are visiting.

Travel and Tourism: Frequently asked questions 2022
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  1. Which is the best month to have an East African Safari?

East African Safari places are open all year round so you can have a safari at any of the places any month of the year. Literally each month gives you a unique safari experience so the best month to visit really comes down to what experience you want to have.

The dry months have many outdoor experiences and more people well as the wet months have more indoor activities and lesser people. However this question is best answered by a tour operator after they get to know your desires for your safari.

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