Travel Restrictions in Uganda

Travel Restrictions in Uganda : As the world continues to adapt to living with the COVID19 pandemic and resuming normal operations amidst the virus, Uganda as a country has issued travel restrictions to help reduce the spread of the virus and provide its citizens and visitors a secure environment to conduct business and explore the pearl of Africa.

It’s very vital to not that these restrictions are not stopping any person from entering the country they are helping the country through the ministry of health to mitigate the risk of disease spread and reduce the number of infections in the country.

So you should know that Uganda is still open for all travellers and tourism enthusiasts who want to enjoy the beautiful country.

At the time of writing this article the travel restrictions were as follows:-

  1. All persons entering the country through the international airport and the other country borders should have negative PCR test results done within 72 or 120 hours from their country of origin.
international airport
international airport
  1. All Foreign nationals who do not have negative PCR test results on arrival at any country’s border will be denied entry into the country.
  2. All persons entering the country through the international airport and the other country borders will be subject to COVID test on arrival. If the test is negative the person will be allowed to continue on with their activities in the country.
  3. If the person’s COVID19 test is positive the person will required to quarantine at designated local for 14 days as they receive treatment.
  4. All travellers showing signs of COVID19 will be immediately asked to quarantine and required to have COVID19 tests done immediately.
  5. All those symptomatic travellers in quarantine will be allowed to leave quarantine if their results return back negative.
  6. Flights from India are currently suspended unless they are under humanitarian, medevac or repatriation flights.
  7. All travellers arriving from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, USA, United Arab Emirates or United Kingdom will be subject to a PCR test on arrival to Entebbe International airport
  8. Travellers who have been vaccinated and have certification to show that they have completed all their COVID19 vaccination doses will not be subject to a PCR test unless they are symptomatic.
  9. All travellers will be subject to medical screening on arrival at the Entebbe International airport and at all the country’s borders
  10. If during the medical screening one is found to have the signs and symptoms they will be require to quarantine immediately and a take a PCR test
  11. Persons picking travellers from Entebbe International airport will be subject to a medical screening and required to observe all the health sops.
  12. The Entebbe International airport management shall allow only two people to pick and drop travellers to and from the airport.
  13. If a foreign National tests positive on arrival at any of the country’s borders and requires medical attention, the person will be referred to a nearest health facility and he/she will be required to meet the cost of the treatment.
international airport
Entebbe international airport

These mentioned above are the travel restrictions to be followed by all travellers entering the country through any of the country’s borders but especially through Entebbe International Airport.

You should know that these measures are not meant to deter you from visiting Uganda but they are meant to ensure that the spread of the COVID19 virus is minimized and that all persons coming into the country and those already in the country have a safe place for them to conduct business and explore the pearl of Africa, Uganda.

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