Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather : Travelling is really fun, exciting and refreshing but travelling in bad weather can kill your whole travelling vibe. Well! Are you planning to travel to Rwanda soon or sometime in the future? Among the many things you need to know about this land of a thousand hills is the weather.

Rwanda is one of the top safari destination in the East African region and many travel to Rwanda on Rwanda Safaris Tours to vacation and enjoy the wildlife in the country. So to help you plan for your Rwanda trip well, here are some facts about Rwanda’s weather that will feel will be help to your planning and safari experiences.

Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather
Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather

Rwanda has a tropical highland kind climate because it’s many hills that facilitate the cold variations but also its location from the equator gives it hot variations. Thus the country’s weather is between cold and hot, or it’s neither hot nor cold all through the year. The country has may have extremes in some areas in the nation however its weather is pretty consistent. In the country’s capital Kigali City the weather usually favorable between hot and cold all through the day, it however gets a litter colder in the night.

Rwanda has two main weather seasons the wet season and the dry season. These seasons are further divided into the long wet season, Short wet season, long dry season, short dry season.

Here below is the breakdown of these season and the months they occur in.

  • March to May

During the months of March, April and May, Rwanda has the long wet season. During this season the country has almost daily heavy rains that can last a whole day. The farmers sow just before this season and the rains facilitate the germination of the crops.

The rains don’t necessary affect your safari but if you are doing a safari in this season some activities like trekking may be more tiresome because of the soggy trails. The best safari activity to have in this season is birding.

  • October to November

In the months of October and November the country has the short wet season characterized by regular but mild rains. These rains unlike the ones in the long wet season last a few hours and then the sun comes out. Nothing really changes with this season. Plus it’s only two months so it passes by quickly.

Apart from disrupting a few hours of your day, these rains don’t affect any of your safari activities.

  • June to September
Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather
Rwanda Weather

June, July, August and September are dry months – in these months Rwanda has what we call the long dry season. These months are hot, Rwanda gets the highest temperatures in these months. The days and nights are all hot and have no rain – the rain appears it’s only for a few minutes.

These months are the peak of safaris in Rwanda, most people visit the country in these months. They are the best months for all safari activities.

  • December to February

December, January and February are dry months, however they are not as hot as the months mentioned above. The heat experienced in these months on moderate and somedays can actually have rain. Also they lead up to the long wet season so the temperatures keep dropping.

They are also great months for the safari activities.

Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather
Travel Tips: Rwanda Weather

This is the best information on the Rwanda weather but if you need more information and advice on what safaris to have in the different seasons, don’t hesitate to contact us, our tour consultants are always ready to help and support you as you plan your much desired Rwanda Safari Tour.

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