Travelling in the Rainy Season

Travelling in the Rainy Season is something most travelers avoid because of many factors though to other travelers, it’s the best time for them to explore the wild. Taking advantage of the low season safari discounts is one of the best things you can do especially if you want to have a good safari at a great discount, however since low season safaris normally happen during the rainy season, the seasons subject you to travelling during the rainy season for you to have your safari.

Travelling in the Rainy Season

Travelling in the rainy season for your safari can present with quite a number of complications because of the rain, and these complications can sometimes overshadow your safari experiences causing you to ignore the beauty thrilling and life moment experiences because you are stressed by the rain. 

Well, the good news is all these rainy season complications, since they are foreseen there are ways of how they can be handled really well that they will not interfere with your safari. 

Trust me low season safaris are really the best safaris to take and when you manage all the rain complications you will have a safari time of your life. Below we highlight some of the things you should have in mind as you consider travelling in the rainy season. 

When travelling in the rainy seasons, you should be ready for travel delays; rains can disrupt several things, so as you plan your safari, make room for the delays so that you don’t start panicking when something unexpected happens and delays some of your plans.  

When your planning for accommodation during the rainy season, look out for accommodation facilities with rainy season plans like rainy shades, waterproofing items, warmers among other things, especially in the night when you need a good night rest, you need to be sure you won’t get wet or get cold from the temperatures outside. 

When travelling during the rainy season, you have to know that you have more than 70% chances of encountering water so you should consider wearing or carrying waterproof, durable, quick to dry clothing. This type of clothing absorbs water and dries easily so you don’t have to stay wet for a long while or even carry around wet clothing as you travel. The other thing you can consider is to pack water repellent items that can keep the rest of your belongings dry even when you encounter water. 

Carrying an umbrella is also a must, especially if you plan to have walks on your safari. Water proof gadgets are also a good investment or if moving without gadgets can be an option that would protect them from getting water. 

For foot wear, you should consider carrying quick to dry sock that can easily dry when they encounter water and warm sock to wear when feet are dry for warmth and waterproof boots to protect from water getting in your feet. 

It’s advisable to also carry anti-fungal medication or cream, because during the rainy seasons, you can easily get fungal infections.  Also if you are visiting a tropical country especially East African countries, during the rainy season, you have to carry mosquito and insect repellents. The rainy seasons are breeding times for all these creatures so chances are high that they will bite you as they roam around the natural wild. 

If you are going to have nature walks, trekking experiences or hiking experiences on your safari plan to carry a raincoat or a poncho because the chances that the rain will find you on any of those walking experiences are very high. 

Though it’s normally unlikely that your luggage will get wet, to be safe in case of anything you may need to carry a waterproof luggage carrier or backpack or plastic carrier. These carriers help protect all your travel stuff in them from water. Also if you are able to have a water-resistant packing cube within your carrier to separate the wet items from the dry items, this will do you good; especially if you plan to carry gadgets or electronics within the same carrier.

Travelling in the Rainy Season
Travelling in the Rainy Season

The best clothing fabric for the rainy season  is the wick moisture away from the skin type of clothing, which can easily dry when hit with rain or water; and if you wish to have warm clothing for when it gets really cold you could think of bamboo or cotton fabric. 

The other tricky for cold weather is long sleeves and long pants to keep you covered up, this helps keep you warm and also protects you from insect and mosquito bites.

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