Travelling during the covid-19 era

Travelling during the Covid-19 Era : Life is slowly returning to normalcy as people world over are learning to live with covid-19. The disease that gripped the world about two years ago has changed the way things are done in almost every sector or place. This has not been different for the tourism sector, which was one of the most hit sectors by the pandemic. As the lockdowns that was implemented to curb the spread of the virus banned inter-country travels that really put a strain on the tourists visiting the country for safaris and other tourism activities.

The good news is, as more and more people  recover from the disease and many getting vaccinated the world is returning back to normalcy, some places still under strict covid-19 standard operating procedures, others with more relaxed procedures; all depending on how many persons have been vaccinated and the rate of infection in the nation.

The effects of covid-19 have greatly affected the way you travel and tour but the good news is it has not taken away the possibility of us travelling and exploring the beauty of Uganda and East Africa at large.

In this article we shall give you a few tips of the things to keep in mind while travelling during this Covid-19 era.

  1. Vaccination

Before you travel it would be wise if you get a covid-19 vaccination first. Getting vaccinated will boost your immunity that in case you get in contact with an infected person chances of catching the disease are minimal or even when you get infected you may not be severely affected by the disease.

Getting vaccinated protects you and others. Also remember to get vaccination for the other diseases that require vaccination like yellow fever.

  1. Observe Sops

The World health organization and the health authorities in the different countries have put measures in place that you can follow to have safe interactions with others without spreading or contacting the disease. These measures include but are not limited to keeping at least a 2 meter distance between you and your neighbor, wearing a mask as you interact with others, sanitizing or washing your hands with soaps regularly.

Travelling during the Covid-19 Era
Travelling during the Covid-19 Era

Even as you travel make sure you observe these Sops wherever you are, on a plane, on the road, tourism site, at your accommodation etc., you will go a long way in staying safe on your trip or Uganda safari.

  1. Utilize the digital platforms

As much as possible utilize digital platforms for all matters concerning your trip from booking, confirmations, payments etc. The use of digital platforms reduces the chances of interaction with others, which in turn keeps you safe. Most services have moved online so it’s easy to access them using your phone, pad, tablet whichever gadget you are using. Try as much as possible the online platforms and only go the traditional way when the digital option has failed.

  1. Don’t travel when you a sick

Avoid travelling when you are not feeling well or even sick. When you are not well or sick you immunity is supressed and you can easily catch the coronavirus when you come in contact with an infected person.

So for you own safety, first recover and then travel when you are well enough.

  1. Clear and detailed Itinerary

You should have a clear and detailed Itinerary before you travel. An itinerary will guide your trip where to be when with who etc. This will smoothen your trip and also help keep you social distanced in most cases.

  1. Identification

Make sure you have your identification on you at all times to help in identifying you and accessing services. Also in countries that are still under lockdown you identity will help you in passing roadblocks and in case of emergencies it’s easy to help you and get services.

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