Travelling Post Covid-19 in Uganda : Covid-19 in Uganda is among the biggest challenges that the country has faced in the past two years when Uganda confirmed her first case of covid-19 in march 2021. With the first occurrence of the first covid-19 patient. The covid-19 virus is believed to have originated from Wuhan, china however how the virus was transmitted to humans is still a mystery because a number of scientists have different stories some of which include that the virus was  passed on from the bats that they consume because a number of workers in the market tested positive of the virus  and other stories say that the virus was introduced by a number of travelers that visited the market might have introduced the virus hence the increased spread and occurrence of the increased infections in the country while on Uganda Safaris Tours

 A number of western countries were affected largely  and many deaths were recorded for instance in India over 34 million cases of covid-19 were recorded, in Italy 4 million cases were registered and in the united starts of America over 47 million cases have been registered and about a million people have succumbed to the virus making it one of the deadliest pandemics that have affected the world at large but with the different safety measures that have been put in place to combat the virus, there is hope that the virus will one day be seen as something from the past.


Once you visit the different destinations, you will get to see that a number of entrances and the different areas within the premises have different sanitizer dispensers which helps in sanitizing of their hands to avoid the spread of the virus through hands

Temperature guns are also used to check for high temperatures that can be a sign of sickness which in the long run can be covid-19

Fully vaccinated tourists are advised to move with their vaccination documents to confirm that they are fully vaccinated and are not a threat to travellers and the locals in the country.

Travelling Post Covid-19 in Uganda
Travelling Post Covid-19 in Uganda

Limiting the number of people that gather at the different destinations has also been put in place for instance the number of people that visit the habituated gorilla families was reduced to 6 people so as to avoid the spread of the virus to the primates and the travellers as well and in different restaurants, the carrying capacity to ensure social distance.

Surface cleaning in restaurants and other areas is also carried out with an alcohol based sanitizer because it is believed that the virus can stay on surfaces for more than 12 hours which is a long period of time that can cause many infections.

With all the necessary requirements and the different covid-19 safety measurements that are carried out in the country, you will have the chance to have amazing experiences travelling post covid-19 in Uganda.

While participating in a number of activities like chimpanzee trekking, Kampala city tours where you can visit fort lugard a site that is important in the history of the independence of Uganda, chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park you are advised to maintain Social distance to avoid the easy spread of the virus in case there are a number of people that contracted the virus.

Wearing of a mask to avoid the spread of the virus in case you come in contact with an infected person. It should be noted that covid19 spreads through air so wearing a mask helps keep the virus particles from moving from you to another person and vice versa

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