Tree climbing lions are found in Uganda, in the Ishasha sector part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The tree climbing lions are one of the uncommon wildlife to spot in Africa, however,in Ishasha sector this is a must see ,where one needs to find about 50 of the tree climbing lions out of the rest sleeping the whole day  in the fig tree and acacia tree.

The best big cat, the tree climbing lions, the Ishasha  is one of the reliable location in East Africa to spot the lions sleeping the day away up in trees.

There ways to access the Ishasha sector from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, most favorable region of Buhoma sector.

The Tree climbing lions are the most visited areas in Uganda, book with us your tour in order to spend a day in the forest. The Ishasha sector is a home to the wild hippos and one of the best concentrations of hippos a number of Tourists flow in this park to experience the Hippos. Ishasha tree climbing lions can be conjoined with other short trips including an 8 and 9 day Gorilla and chimpanzee adventure and then have one of the best overnights in Ishasha and a wildlife game.

There few  tree climbing lions in a south Africa and Kenya  where the young lions are caught on  playing ventures   in the trees, taking find few of the at Lake Manyara however the lions are hard to be spotted in this area. Making the tourists to think there rumors.

The opportunities are many to spot the Tree climbing lions, the young ones and adult one in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth Park.

The lions spend most of their time on trees, it’s very amazing sight to find them in Africa.

They can be spotted by many tourists as they travel to or from Bwindi impenetrable Forest to Mweya area in Queen Elizabeth Park.

The tree climbing lions are very rare to find in Africa in Uganda and in Queen Elizabeth Park and Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Enjoy a game drive along the Ishasha plains, as you spot them you will come across the elephants, Buffaloes herds, antelopes and many more. The lions are found in prides in the region of Queen Elizabeth the guess number in the group in 50 lions.

Tree climbing lions climb into trees for the day this happens during rainy season.

The lions usually escape from pests, insects to climb on top of the fig trees of Ishasha these are not spotted during the game drive.

Lions climb into trees for the day; the males are black and maned, during this period you can as well spot the tree climbing leopards at Ishasha, elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, Topis and many more.

Tree climbing lions of Ishasha Queen Elizabeth Park which is not be missed. The sight of spotting  the climbing tree lions in Africa are rare.


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