Two years after COVID19 – Mountain Gorilla trekking experience : Mountain gorilla trekking is one of the most sought after tourist activities in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These three countries are privileged to be the only three countries in Africa and the world with mountain gorillas living in their natural habitats. And it’s for that reason that travellers from across the world are normally flocking these countries to catch a glimpse of these great apes in their forested mountainous homes.

Mountain gorillas are trekked in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These parks receive hundreds of guests monthly that take park of mountain gorilla trekking experiences to see the different mountain gorilla families in the different parks.

Two years after COVID19 – Mountain Gorilla trekking experience
Gorilla trekking

Well since the Covid19 outbreak that caused a global pandemic and brought about lockdown on almost everything including national parks, mountain gorilla enthusiasts missed out on the mountain gorilla trekking experience for almost two years before the world finally opened back to operations in all sectors.

This means that for about a year now, mountain gorilla enthusiasts have been able to trek mountain gorillas and enjoy them in their natural habitats. But what does a mountain gorilla’s safari after the two years of COVID19 look like.

First you should know that the negative PCR test results requirement has since been stopped, meaning you just have to book your trekking permit and get to the trekking park and you will have your trekking experience. And since we are 90% back to normal, you will need to book your permit way in advance at least three months prior to you intended time of trekking. This only through a tour operator like Achieve Global Safaris.

Mountain gorilla trekking permits cost differently for each of the three countries and each country offers different discounts under specific terms and conditions. Rwanda currently has a promotional rate on trekking permits, you should cross check with the tour operator for more information. Otherwise permit prices are 700 USD, 1500 USD and USD 200 for Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC respectively.

When you have booked your permit you will plan with you tour operator all the other details about your safari, the transport issues, accommodation meals and  any other thing.

When you have you plans ready you can now arrive to your trekking country for that long awaited mountain gorilla trekking experience. Depending on the country you are trekking in different travel guidelines apply so make sure you hind to them, ask your tour operator for any information you may need to know.

Do Not forget to carry your trekking attire, like hiking boots, forest friendly clothes and trekking friendly clothes, cameras, gloves, snacks for the trek and many other things.

Two years after COVID19 – Mountain Gorilla trekking experience
Gorilla Trekking experience

Then on the trek you have to remember the mountain gorilla trekking rules and observe them. These rules include but not limited to not feeding the mountain gorillas, not doing anything that will irritate the mountain gorillas, not using flash cameras, not touching the gorillas, desisting from anything that will harm the gorilla or its habitat, not coughing or sneezing in front the gorillas, not eating, drinking or smoking in front of the gorillas and many others. Your tour operator will be in position to advice you on all these different rules. Also before the trek at the debrief these rules are communicated.

So now that  mountain gorilla trekking safaris have completely resumed and running don’t hesitate to contact Achieve Global Safaris to make your mountain gorilla trekking safari booking today.

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