Uganda – Covid-19 Health Measures Effective 27th October 2021

Uganda – Covid-19 Health Measures Effective 27th October 2021 : As Uganda continues to fight the spread of Covid-19 among people in the country, the government of Uganda has issued new Covid-19 health guidelines for all passengers using Entebbe International Airport as their entry and exit point. The Entebbe International Airport health measures will take effect on 27th October and they are:-

Covid-19 test

  1. All passengers arriving at Entebbe International Airport will be subjected to a Covid-19 PCR test. This will apply to all passenger 6 years and above regardless of their vaccination status and country of origin.
  2. Children below 6 and Airline crew who are fully vaccinated (with evidence) will be exempted from the mandatory Covid-19 PCR test.
  3. Persons who test positive for Covid-19 on arrival will be given psychological support and then taken to a gazetted Covid-19 facility (Private or Public) where they will be managed for not less than 7 days. These persons will be discharged after a negative Covid-19 PCR test.
  4. All care provided at Public facilities will be free of charge. For persons who opt for private facilities their will have to meet the cost of their care.
  5. Covid-19 PCR tests for all arriving persons will cost Arriving passengers USD 30 or the equivalent in Uganda Shillings. Payments for the test to be made online prior to your arrival, on arrival at one of the point of sales machines, using mobile money or by cash.
  6. Persons travelling out of the country will be required to present negative Covid-19 PCR test Certificate of a test taken within 72 hours from the time of sample collection.

They will be required to adhere to all travel health requirements of the place of destination.

  1. Entebbe International Airport Port Health shall reserve the right to approve for arrival or departure a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate undertaken within 72 hours from the time of sample collection, excluding time spent in transit at the terminal building.
Uganda - Covid-19 Health Measures Effective 27th October 2021
Uganda – Covid-19 Health Measures Effective 27th October 2021


  1. On arrival if a passenger is asymptomatic or with mild signs of sickness, he/she will be required to isolate at designated tourist hotels.
  2. The Isolation will be for a couple of days not more than 7 days.
  3. However if a person in isolation progresses to a severe disease, he or she will be transferred a covid-19 facility of their choice (public or private) for further care.


  1. Persons, whose body temperature is not above 37.5 degrees Celsius, don’t have signs of illness like difficulty in breathing, persistent cough, fever and other flu-like symptoms; will be allowed to enter or depart Uganda.
  2. Persons with all or some of the above signs and symptoms will be required to isolate at a designated facility.


  1. Persons who have received a full Covid-19 vaccination with evidence of a vaccination certificate, will be required to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate done within 72 hours from the time of sample collection and time of boarding a plane.

This is a requirement because the vaccination doesn’t guarantee 100% protection: meaning even when vaccinated you can still catch the virus.

Other SOPs

  1. Persons arriving in the country during curfew time, we need to have a valid Air ticket and Boarding Pass, which they will present to the authorities, to be allowed to procced to their hotels or places of residence.
  2. This shall also apply to persons coming into Kampala from other districts past curfew time.
  3. Persons departing the country or moving to other districts past curfew time will be allowed to proceed to their destination, if they have a valid air/passenger ticket and provide evidence of where they’re going which is a valid air ticket the airport for outside Kampala it will proof of accommodation booking.
  4. People picking and dropping people to the airport, should have evidence of airport parking ticket or passenger ticket.

On top of all these remember to always wear your mask, sanitize your hands or wash them with soap regularly and keep a 2 meter social distance between you and others.

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