Uganda Easter weekend Safari : Uganda Easter weekend Safari is like no other. It’s a safari to not just look forward to but one you shouldn’t miss to experience. At Achiever global safaris we know this and for that reason we are putting together safari packages custom made for you to enjoy the Easter period to the fullest.

The Easter weekend is a biggest weekends in the country, the government gives the citizens a public holiday weekend from good Friday to Easter Monday. The school going children break off for the weekend. Homes and families feast today, entertainers put up different events for the weekend to entertain people among other things.

Of course Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus with services and religious gathering among other things.

At achieve global safaris we celebrate Easter with Easter weekend with safaris that will leave you speechless and blow you mind away. This year like the other years we have put up tailor made trips just for east and among the many things we are have made to make the Easter weekend safaris special, we have discounted all the Easter packages by 30%.  So if you make your booking for the Easter weekend, be sure you are getting a 30% discount on your safari itinerary.

Among the many packages are we have made we have family safari package, group safari package, Christian group safari packages, couple safari packages, solo safari packages and celebrity safari packages.

We have also gone the extra mile and broken the safaris down into specific activities for those who prefer just some activities and not all the safari activities. Some of the activities safari includes game viewing safaris, primate trekking safaris, bird watching safaris, water animal viewing safaris among others.

The other thing we have done is packaged safaris according to Uganda destinations and these include Bwindi National Park safari, Mgahinga National Park safari, Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari, Murchsion falls National park safari , Kidepo National park safari, Mt. Elgon National Park safari, Semiliki National Park safari, Lake Mburo National Park safari and others.

Uganda Easter weekend Safari
Uganda Easter weekend Safari

The beautiful thing about the Easter safaris is that most destinations offer Easter packages, so you get a chance to go for that much desired safari, usually on a discount. Also a number people are going for these safaris so you are bound to have fun at all costs for lack of better word.

In Uganda, the best Easter safaris are the ones that have more relaxing activities because on Easter holidays its usually a family affair. The most popular safaris you can look forward to will be the game drive safaris and the boat rides. At achieve we have added a spin to the safaris, with more family activities like game moments for kids where they play together, romantic picnics for couples and exploration activities for adventurous people.

Also at achieve this Easter we want to give you custom made safaris made for you and your loved ones. So reach out to any of our consultants for that unique safari made just for you.

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