Uganda New Travel guidelines for tourism

Uganda New Travel guidelines for tourism  : Following the surging numbers of cases in Uganda, the president of the republic of Uganda announced a total lockdown for the nation effective 18th June 2021. The lockdown that will last 42 days includes temporally closure of some businesses, a halt on public and private transport, ban inter-district travels and a couple of other measures.

On a good note the tourism industry was not closed and was allowed to continue operations, however new travel guidelines were issued for travelers in line with the Covid-19 prevention plan.  All these measures are to ensure tourists and tour operators/ guides stay safe even as they explore and enjoy the pearl of Africa.

The New travel guidelines for tourists include:-

  1. All tourists entering the country should have a negative PCR covid-19 test and should have done it not more than 72 hours prior to their arrival.
  2. Tourists will be required to travel with all their relevant documents and detailed travel/safari itineraries. Itineraries are very crucial especially for inter-district routes.
  3. Tourists are required to carry proof of payment for their accommodations and safari activities
  4. Tourists are required to observe all the recommended SOPs as the travel to their safari destination and have their safaris.
  5. If you have any signs of the Covid-19 disease, you will be required to isolate and subjected to a PCR Test.
  6. All travellers arriving from category 1 and 2 countries who are not fully vaccinated have to be subjected to a PCR covid-19 test.
  7. All travellers arriving from category 1 and 2 countries who show signs and symptoms of the covid-19 will be quarantined and subjected to a PCR covis-19 test.
Uganda New Travel guidelines for tourism
PCR Covid-19 Test

Category 1 countries currently include: – India

Category 2 countries currently include:-  Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United states of America.

NB: this list can be revised at any time by the government of Uganda so keep in touch with your tour operator, to have up to date information.

The new travel guidelines will apply to all international tourists especially during the 42 days of the total lockdown. All local tourists and other tourists who are already in the country will need to have a negative PCR covid-19 test before they start their safari trip. The test should be done not more than 24 hours prior to the start of the trip.

As a tour operating company, we are committed to providing you great and safe safari experience as you explore Uganda. Therefore we shall ensure to observe all the standard operating procedures for your and our safety on your safari.

It’s important to note that all the tourist sites will remain open even during the 42 day lockdown, so you shouldn’t worry about accessing any site.  So be rest assured that any site you would like to visit during this season will be open for touring.  All safari activities on your trip will be done under strict observation of the covid-19 standard operating procedures still for your and everyone’s safety. The standard operation procedures include but not limited to:- wearing you mask at all times, especially when in public, sanitising or washing your hands with soap regularly,  keeping a social distance from each other of not less than 2 meters and isolating from others immediately you feel sick or get any signs of the covid-19 disease.

These standard operating procedures and others should be observed at every stage of the safari at restaurants, accommodation facilities, in the cars among other things.

As usual tourists are advised to make their tour bookings in advance, to give the different stakeholders ample time to set everything in place for a pleasant safari experience.

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