Uganda this Holiday Season : If you are planning to visit Uganda for this holiday season, one you must know that you are making the best decision of all, two the pearl of Africa is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of amazing attractions to offer its visitors. The land is full of diverse flora and fauna, beautiful creatures and of course super-duper people.

There are a lot good things in Uganda and numerous activities to engage in, so you won’t be bored or left hanging at any time, however you may be spoilt of choice, so to help you make the decision here are some of the safari experiences you should look out for while in Uganda.

Gorilla safari

Uganda is home to more than half of the remaining population of mountain gorillas in the world in two national parks. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest has approximately 400 inhabited gorillas with 12 families and Mgahinga National Park has one family of these primates. Unlike Rwanda, the gorilla trekking trails in Uganda are rough especially in Bwindi but permits are cheaper- they go for $700 per person sold only at the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Trekking in both parks begins at 7 am with briefing about the trekking expectations, dividing the trekkers into groups of 8. And like in Rwanda, the trekkers spend 1 hour with the primates once found.

During you mountain gorilla experience in Bwindi, you will probably spot any of the other 13 primates in the park like the red tail monkeys, the galago species, the blue monkeys among others. Animals like snakes, butterflies and activities like birdwatching are also at your disposal.

Mgahinga offers a unique golden monkey experience besides gorilla trekking as well as a hiking experience. You can summit either Mountain Sabinyo, Gahinga or Mountain Muhavura all with views into the Democratic Republic of Congo or Rwanda.

Uganda this Holiday Season
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Both parks offer you a cultural experience of the Batwa, the first inhabitants of the forests.

Wildlife safaris

Uganda offers a range of options when it comes to wildlife. With 11 national parks, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to a perfect holiday safari. Most famous for holiday trips however are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park- all home to the big 4. The fifth member of the big family, the Rhinoceros, is found in Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary on your way to Murchison falls National Park. All these parks in addition to enormous herds of the big 4 give stunning views. You will see or even probably hike the Murchison falls in Murchison falls National Park, do a cultural tour of the Karamojong and IK tribes while at Kidepo and have sight of the cheetah as well.

Uganda this Holiday Season
Activities in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Another remarkable wildlife safari for your holiday is at Kibale National Park, the primate hub of the world. The most famous activity at the forest is chimpanzee trekking as 1500 chimpanzees call Kibale home. As it is for gorilla trekking, children below 15 years are not allowed for the activity, trekking begins as early as 7 am and a chimpanzee trekking permit ($200) acquired from the forest is required. Rest assured that the trekking experience will also leave you with views of various wildlife like the buffaloes, antelopes and elephants plus 13 other primate species like the baboons, red tail and red colobus monkeys among others alongside the chimpanzees.

There are several other safaris and activities that you can engage in, just consult with your tour operator for the best choices and offers you can get this holiday season in the pearl of Africa.

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