Uganda’s Weather throughout the Year : Uganda the pearl of Africa is such a beautiful land to visit for leisure, safari or touring of any kind. Uganda receives over 10,000 visitors in year, visitors seeking a chance to experience the beauty land, nature and people. Well before people visit Uganda they are always asking questions like which is the perfect times to visit, what’s the weather like in this season among other questions.

To help you answer these questions here is a breakdown of the Ugandan weather throughout the year, to help you plan your trip, visit or safari accordingly.

Uganda has a tropical kind of weather all year round with temperatures between 16-28°C for most of the year; it’s just in a few instances that they go below the min or above the max. This slight fluctuation in temperature because there is no real winter or summer in the country. That said the pearl of Africa has fairly pleasant temperatures with warm or hot days and cool or cold nights most of the year.

Uganda’s weather is divided into two major seasons with each divided into two sub seasons. The two major season are the wet and dry season or the rainy and sunny season. The wet season is further divided into the short wet season and the long wet season, likewise the dry season is divided into the short dry season and the long dry season.

The short wet season

The short wet season usually runs from late February to March and May. During this short wet season, the country experiences between heavy and mild rains that can happen every day or 4 days in a week. Usually the rains in this season are not that much and not as constant as the ones in the long wet season.

The Long wet season

The long wet season, usually comes after the long dry season and it will run from late August, September, October to November. The rains in this season are pretty heavy and sometimes the rains are on for 24 hours straight. Also during these days there are very few pockets for the sun or for warm weather, the temperatures are cold all through the day.

Uganda’s Weather throughout the Year
Uganda’s Weather throughout the Year

The short dry season

After the long wet season comes the short dry season that is full of sunshine and warmth. The season runs from December, January to Early February. The sun is out and the weather is warm. This season is not expected to have any rains but you may experience one or two days of rains in a month.

The Long dry season

The Long dry season comes after the short wet season. The season runs from June, July to early August. This is the season most people refer to as the summer season, hence the season most visitors will visit the pearl of Africa, because it’s dry and the weather is warm. During this season you will have hot days and warm nights. You also don’t expect any drop of rain within the months. The sun is usually out early during this season, so if you are a sun lover this is the perfect season for you.

In a nutshell that the Uganda weather throughout the year, however before you plan or finalize on your trip, safari or other plans consult a tour operator to further advice you on the current weather and favorable weather for you for your intended trip.

That said, you should know that animals in the wild adapt to any weather so you can visit the wild any time of year, whether it’s the wet or dry season, you will have a great time and you will still see all the different animals.

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