Unwind from Chogm with a Gorilla Trip : The long awaited CHOGM week has just ended. Woah! What a week it was, lots of diplomatic activities, conferences, platforms for nations to coordinate and exchange ideas among other things. Some would it was such a serious week. And yes! It was. And we are grateful that our leaders and other delegates got such a moment in time to discus and share ideas on their different nations. For the organizers this was also a busy week, putting things together and making it possible. Just awesome. We therefore want to congratulate everyone who organized and participated in the CHOGM meetings for such a great job done.

And now that the CHOGM week is behind us, we want to invite you to unwind from CHOGM with a mountain gorilla trip. It will be good for you. We promise! And in case you don’t believe us, here are some of the reasons we feel you take this trip.

  1. Adventure

Mountain gorilla is adventurous and after the long week you have heard, you could use an adventurous trip to clear your mind, revive your body, experience some different among other things. The adventure of mountain gorilla trekking starts from the moment you book your trip, to when you head to the gorilla park, having the gorilla trek, meeting the gorillas and finally completing the adventure and marveling about the experience.

Age limit for gorilla trekking Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
  1. Fun

Mountain gorilla trekking is also a fun experience. Because it’s done in  groups of 8, interactions with the people in your group is fun, the challenge of trekking the forested mountain is another fun experience not to mention the one hour you are in the presence of the gorillas, the fun just keeps getting better and better. So out for the trip have some fun.

  1. Explore

Exploring the gorilla habitat is another reason. We all know mountain gorillas live in forested mountains but have you even been there, do you know how a forested mountain looks like? Well you can answer most of questions when you come out to explore the gorilla habitat, learn at the different tree species in the forest, discover interesting gorilla trails and learn more about the forest and the mountains at large.  Join the club of those who know.

  1. Conserving the mountain Gorillas

Be among the populace in the fight to conserve the mountain gorillas. When you purchase a mountain gorilla trekking permit, the fees you pay for the permit go directly into activities that support the conservation of the mountain gorillas and their habitat. So you coming out to trek the mountain gorillas, you conserving the mountain gorillas.

  1. Rwanda promotional offer

Rwanda currently has promotional mountain gorilla trekking rates, so we advise you take advantage of the rates and trek the gorillas – at almost more than half the price of the usual mountain gorilla trekking permit price.

Unwind from Chogm with a Gorilla Trip
Gorilla Trekking permit


  1. Your already here

Just to say, you’re already here in Rwanda or in East Africa. You can as well use you time here to explore the countries and region’s safari parks and offers.

Mountain gorilla trekking in East Africa is done in Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. It’s done all year round in four parks – Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Uganda in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park.

Mountain gorilla trekking permits with cost 400 USD, 700 USD and 1500 USD for the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda respectively. However in this year 2022, Rwanda has some promotional offers, so you should check with you tour operator for that to take advantage of  the offers.

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