UWA Offers Safari Discounts for 2021 Safaris

UWA Offers Safari Discounts for 2021 Safaris: For more than four months the tourism industry around the world and in Uganda had been on pause because of the global lockdown that was due to the global pandemic COVID19. Tourists and Nature enthusiasts were unable to travel and experience the world or different wildlife adventures. 

UWA Offers Safari Discounts for 2021 Safaris

In August of 2020, as different countries started easing their travel restrictions and reopening airports and borders, tourist centres also reopened to welcome guests to the different tourist centres, which included Game parks, historical sites, cultural sites and many more. 

Uganda in that same spirit reopened all its tourist destinations and has since been welcoming guests to these different destinations; of course with strict observations of the COVID19 standard operating procedures which include but not limited to Social Distancing, Wearing Face Masks, Routine hand washing and sanitising among others. 

And as Uganda continues to welcome guests to its tourist destinations during this festive season, the Uganda wildlife Authority has decided to join in celebrating the festive season by offering promotional pricing during the festive season all through to March 2021. 

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has stated that is will be running festive season price discounts to all Uganda Wildlife Authority sites starting from the month of December 2020 all through to the month of March 2021. 

These discounts are a way of giving back to all the wildlife enthusiasts and lovers, travellers and all visitors to UWA sites. This is also a way of the authority acknowledging that times are still hard as we come of the lockdown and though the public may want to visit some of these tourist destinations the moneys may not be stable as they were before the lockdown so the discounts will help the various visitors to the UWA sites afford the different safaris to the different destinations

The discounts therefore are as follows:- 

Foreigners Non-Residents Foreigners Residents Ugandans and East Africans 
Park Entrances Fees 50%50%50%
Bird Watching 50%50%50%
Mountain Gorilla Trekking Permits700 USD to 400 USD 600 USD to 300 USD 250,000 UGX to 150,000 UGX 
Chimpanzee Trekking Permits 200 USD to 150 USD 150 USD to 100 USD 150,000 UGX to 100,000 UGX 

The discounts will only apply within the period of 1st December 2020 and 31st March 2021; this means any bookings or safaris before then or after then will not have discounts. 

The Park Entrance fee discounts will only apply to the following National parks and game reserves:- Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Semuliki National Park, Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve, KatongaWildlife Reserve, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

Any National Park and Game Reserve outside this list will not admit you on the stated discounts. 

The 50% discount on birding watching fees will apply to all national parks, game reserves and other UWA sites.

For the discounts to apply you will need proof of identity to verify your nationality and which discount applies to you. If you don’t have proof of identity you will be forced to pay the regular fees. 

The discounted fees cannot be rescheduled especially for mountain gorilla permits and chimpanzee trekking permits. If for any reason you cannot take your safari trip within the promotional period, you will have to pay the regular fees and have your safari trip whenever you are ready. 

All visitors to the Uganda Wildlife Authority sites are urged and encouraged to continue following the COVID19 preventive measures, even as they visit these different UWA sites; in order to keep themselves and the others at the UWA sites safe. 

Any visitor who will not adhere to the COVID19 preventive measures while at the UWA sites even though has cleared all their fees, may lose their admission to the site.

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