Valentine Safari destinations in Rwanda

Valentine Safari destinations in Rwanda: It’s February, it’s the time of the year we are all celebrating love. As you look through the different options of where to celebrate you love, Rwanda should be a great option. 

Valentine Safari destinations in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful land with a lot of scenic destinations that have great ambience and mood for celebration of love; all over the country there are unique places where you and your loved one can go to have a really cosy and romantic valentine celebration. 

For those of you who are into nature and the wildlife the country also have great national parks where you can have a great valentine safari to celebrate love in this season. 

All these national parks offer their visitors unique memorable experience that will make you valentines time really spectacular. To help you choose which National Park you would like to visit for this special season we have listed down the top three national parks in Rwanda and the different activities done in each park for you to select which activities and park meets your needs. 

Volcanoes National Park

This is the most famous and most visited park in Rwanda; Known mainly for being home to the endangered mountain gorillas this park is one you should not miss to visit while in Rwanda. 

The park is a hub of virunga massifs and the huge rainforest that is home to the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and a couple of other creatures. The park is also home to a line of bird species and butterflies that are a delight to all its visitors. 

On a valentine safari to this park, you will have a variety of activities to choose from that will include: – mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, hiking the virunga massifs, taking forest nature walks, trekking to the Dian Fossey grave and visiting the Iby’wacu cultural centre. 

All these activities are organised in a way that will give you fun, cosy and adventurous experience. You are free to choose what works most for you and what will make your valentine celebration amazing. 

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Located in south western Rwanda, this park is famous for the great Nyungwe forest which is one of the oldest forests in Africa. Nyungwe is home to the famous chimpanzees and other forest creatures together with a wide array of bird species. The Nyungwe forest has a canopy walk way where you can walk above the forest to see the forest and the surrounding from the top. 

This park is also the furthest one from Kigali city so a visit to this park is also a road trip to south western Rwanda

Valentine activities that can be done in this forest include chimpanzee trekking, forest water fall hiking, canopy walk, forest nature walks and community tours.  

Because of the great Nyungwe forest the nature complemented environment automatically speaks warmth even on normal days, so for a valentine safari this place would give you the best nature safari experience. 

Akagera National park

Akagera National park is the only savannah park in Rwanda and the largest among the three; located in eastern Rwanda the park is home to over 100 mammal species and over 400 bird species that live in the park’s savannah grasslands and Lake Ihema. 

Unlike the other two this is a park with great wildlife but less adventure, most people that visit this park would like to have a wild experience but with less adventure or with a chill feel. 

Most activities done in this forest are more relaxed and laid back so if you want to have a more laid back safari, you will definitely want to visits Akagera National Park

Valentine safari activities in this park will include bush dining, game drives, boat ride on Lake Ihema, sport fishing, nature walks and birding experiences.  

Though listed above are all the main activities that can be done on valentine’s day in these parks, each park has special valentines offer that may even have many more fun activities you can do for your valentine safari. You should ask your tour operator about all these parks and the different offers in the parks. 

If you are not the safari kind of person you should also consult with your tour operator about the other places in Rwanda where you can have a Valentine celebration.

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