Very Important Items to travel with this season

Very Important Items to travel with this season  : Though tourists are allowed to enter and enjoy their safaris in the country, the country have put strict measures to guide the tourists’ activities in the country, so that there is minimal spread of the covid-19 virus and tourist interactions with the local communities.

Because of these measures, tourists entering the country have been required to have these different items on them at all times as they have their safe in the country. These items include but not limited to:-

  1. Identification

On you travel you should make sure you have all your Identification documents especially your passport. This will help identify you as a tourist to all authorities and since there are several roadblocks along the way you will meet several road blocks with different authority representatives. So it’s wise that yo8u move with you Identification.

  1. Covid-19 related documents

As stated the country is taking all measures to curb the spread of the covid-19 virus so all persons are treated as suspected carriers unless proven otherwise. This is why it’s important for you to travel with all your covid-19 documents; documents that show evidence of your vaccination, your negative PCR test results and any other related documents. This will help rule you out as a suspected carrier and then make your journey to your safari easier. You should note that the covid-19 PCR negative results for all persons coming into the country should be done 72 hours prior to arrival, the 72 hours start the time the sample is taken for testing.

Very Important Items to travel with this season
PCR Test Results
  1. Your safari related documents

Since the lockdown rules banned the inter district travel for locals, you will need to have proof that you are actually going for a safari for you to be allowed to pass an inter district block. The best evidence you will have to prove your going for a safari will be your safari related documents.

These safari related documents include but not limited to: – proof of accommodation booking, detailed safari itinerary, if you are going for mountain gorilla trekking you will need proof of  trekking permits among other documents.

You are to present these documents to authorities at the different road block who will be there to enforce the inter district ban.

  1. Face Masks

Face masks are actually for you and your safety. You should plan to have a face mask on at all times during your safari trip. Having a face mask on is one of the recommended standard operating procedures that will help protect you from catching the covid-19 virus and also minimise the chance of you spreading it to others.

Very Important Items to travel with this season
Face Masks

So for your safety and the safety of the people around you or with you on this safari, it’s prudent that you keep your face mask on at all times. Also carry as many masks as you will need so that you don’t have moments where you have run out of face masks and hence remain exposed.

  1. Sanitizers

This can be either normal liquid sanitizers or sanitizing wipes. The sanitizers are meant to be used to always clean your hands even as you travel to your safari and on your safari. This is because on your safari you will interact with different people, tough different surfaces and just be in different places. For your safety, you should have this sanitizer to clean your hands regularly as you interact with other people and things. The sanitizer will kill any germs including the virus hence protecting you in case you are in contact with the virus. Why we advise a sanitizer is because you’re having a lot of movement on your safari you may not have places for hand washing so a sanitizer comes in handy.

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