Visit Lake Mutanda : Lake Mutanda is among the most beautiful lakes to see on the African continent shaped like the African continent and offers a number of adventurous activities to enjoy for anyone that visits this destination during their Uganda safaris, as they explore the beaten-paths around the lake. Unique about Lake Mutanda is that it is shaped in the form of the African continent. This view can best be enjoyed while standing on top of Chameleon Hill. The lake is also surrounded by beautiful hills that are covered by verdant vegetation comprised of forests, thickets and some farmlands. Among the peaks that surround this beautiful lake are some of the Virunga Volcanoes like Mount Muhavura. The vegetation filters the water that drains from the hills and by the time it reaches into the lake it is very clean. A visit to Lake Mutanda can be included on your itinerary as you go gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

What to see and do around Lake Mutanda

Thanks to the cool yet sunny climate, there are a number of adventurous activities you can enjoy during your visit to Lake Mutanda all year round, hence why you should include it on your top tourist destinations to visit on your Uganda Safari

Canoeing/Boat rides on Lake Mutanda

Canoeing is done in wooden dug-out Canoes, and it offers you a unique way to explore the beautiful waters of this lake. You will be able to sail out to a number of islands on the lake from where you can base to enjoy a swim, do some fishing, visit the locals living on those islands and see a number of water birds that live in this area.

Visit Lake Mutanda
Canoeing on Lake Mutanda

Fishing on Lake-Mutanda

On your visit to Lake Mutanda, you may choose to do so fishing. This can best be enjoyed if you are staying on the islanding in the lake for instance staying at Mutanda Lake Resort. Alternatively, you can take boat ride to the island from where you will base and enjoy your fishing adventure.

Hiking around Lake Mutanda

There are a number of different hiking adventures to and around the lake. Among the most fascinating and well like hike is the 2 Days hike to Nkuringo from Buhoma on the first day, and then descending down to the beautiful Lake Mutanda, plus a canoe trip on the second day. However, there are also a number of shorter hikes around the lake that will be suitable and also very enjoyable for the less fit hikers. So whatever your interest is, we can always tailor something not only suitable but also enjoyable for you.

Biking around Lake Mutanda

Although biking is a bit challenging around this area, we can organize and avail you with mountain bikes which you will use during your biking adventure. Alternatively, you may opt and rent some bikes from the nearby towns like Kisoro and either way you will certainly have a great adventure experience.

Relax and Enjoy the Scenery

You may opt to simply stay at your accommodation and enjoy the serenity and the natural splendor of this beautiful place, the beautiful horizon interrupted with mountain peaks, the beautiful sunset and the sound of singing water birds.

Where to Stay at Lake Mutanda

There are a number of accommodation sites around this lake so you need not to worry where you will stay. You may choose to stay at one of the beautiful lodges on the isles on the lake, on stay on one of the hills overlooking the lake

Chameleon Hill Lodge

The Chameleon Hill Lodge is a Colourful, charming Up-Market Lodge located on one of the hills surrounding this lake, offering un interrupted views of the lake and the encompassing area. It offers its guests great comfort and outstanding services throughout their stay.  

Visit Lake Mutanda
Chameleon Hill Lodge

Mutanda Lake Resort

The beautiful Mutanda Lake Resort is located on a peninsula on Lake Mutanda within the shadows of the towering Virunga Mountain Range. The resort offers its guests great comfortable accommodation matched with beautiful views of this area.  it is located between the town of Kisoro, Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Parks so, it is a perfect place to base when going gorillas trekking, hiking the volcanoes, or even bird watching

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