Visit Rwanda : Without a doubt, Rwanda’s most known tourist attraction is the mountain gorillas. These benevolent but endangered creatures, in Rwanda are found in volcanoes national park which harbours about 280 individual gorillas. Over a thousand people flock Rwanda to have a feel of the gorilla trekking experience but what else does Rwanda offer?

Rwanda, a small beautiful country in East Africa is one of the fastest growing economies on the continent. Her no polythene policy makes her one of the cleanest countries and with a very high investment in the sports sector, Rwanda is a force to reckon with. Of late, the country has hosted big names in various sports disciplines as a tourism vehicle.

Besides her economic development, the country boasts of being the land of a thousand hills from the capital Kigali to its surrounding areas. The spectacular views these hills provide leave you in awe of the artist God is and talking art, here is more of the beautiful Rwanda.

Mountains Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga, Karisimbi and Sabinyo

Ever dreamt of being in two countries at once on a mountain hike? If yes, you would not want to miss an opportunity to hike any of these Virunga mountains. the Virungas are found in three countries namely Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. On a completed hike of any of these mountains, you will be able to behold two or all the three countries. The most hiked mountain however in Rwanda is mountain Bisoke which is at a height of 3711 meters above sea level.

Visit Rwanda
Hiking Mount Karisimbi

On your way up the mountain, rainforests and various animal species will be displayed before your eyes but that’s just the beginning. It will not be long before you discover that the trek is no walk in the park. Just like any other mountain hike, expect rugged terrains, steep slopes and all kinds of mountain obstacles. The best part? You will have a guide and after the 5 hours of the hike, you will have amazing images of a crater lake stuck in your mind forever. Did I mention that you will be in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the same time?

Lake Kivu

This is Rwanda’s largest water body and doubles as one of Africa’s great lakes. The crystal blue waters of the lake are perfect for rewinding and relaxation after a long day of other activities. You can watch the sun reflect on the waters as it sets and also be in for a kayaking experience.

Golden monkeys

Rwanda is only one of two countries that has some golden monkeys left and the other, as you might have guessed is Uganda. The golden monkey trek is great in conjunction with mountain gorilla trek but that does not mean it can not be done alone. This trek into the bamboo forests puts into perspective more of the forest plus this family of endangered primates. It takes an hour or so to find the golden monkeys in the bamboo forests making the trek easier for people of all fitness levels.

Chimpanzees in the Nyungwe forest

These our relatives are also a great option for Rwanda tour away from the mountain gorillas. On your trek in the Nyungwe forest, you will be welcomed by sounds of chimpanzee chants and sights of the beautiful forest before you actually see the chimpanzees. You will learn before the trek that these primates are shy and therefore flash photography is not ideal.

Visit Rwanda
Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe

Community tours

From village walks, visiting art and craft shops to visiting cattle farms, community tours are a great way to experience Rwanda. These tours also improve the livelihoods of the locals if you purchase something so get your shoes and tour the communities of the land of a thousand hills.

The Genocide Memorial, Kigali.

What is a visit to Rwanda without reaching the genocide memorial ground? In 1994, an estimated one million Tutsis where massacred by the Interahamwe army within a few months. This incident shaped so much of what Rwanda was seen as at that time, by the countrymen and the world at large. How the country has recovered from that time to date and more to the genocide story is told at the memorial centre through videos, eye witness accounts, images and much more. Do not leave Rwanda without a visit to this emotional site.

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