Weekend safari itineraries : Planning to go for a safari this weekend, next weekend, the other weekend or any weekend. Below are some of the top weekend safari itineraries.

First  of all, what’s a weekend?

Technically when we talk about a weekend, we mean Friday, Saturday and Sunday; though most people take Saturday and Sunday as the weekend days. To others any day they get off time is counted as a weekend.

Whichever day or days count as weekend to you, here are some itineraries you can use for your weekend safari.

3 days Bwindi National Park safari

The 3 days Bwindi National Park safari can be taken on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, using Friday and Sunday for travel to and from Kampala and Saturday to enjoy the park’s activities.

Weekend safari itineraries
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi National Park

At Bwindi National Park, the main safari activity done is mountain gorilla trekking and it takes about 5 to 7 hours depending on the sector you trek.

Mountain gorilla trekking starts at 7am with a briefing at the park headquarters and then you go on to enter the park to search for the mountain gorillas. When you find the mountain gorillas, you will spend an hour with them and then head out of the forest after that.

After the trek you can have a nature walk or a community tour depending on how you feel. If you are tired you can spend the rest of the day at leisure .

3 days Kibale National Park safari

The 3 days Kibale National Park safari will take you to private primate capital in western Uganda. At this park you will have an opportunity to trek the mountain gorillas, bird watch at the bigodi swamp, nature walk in the famous kibale forest and a city tour in fort portal city.

For this safari you will use Friday to travel and enjoy the fort portal city. Saturday will be used to trek chimpanzees, bird watch and have nature walks. Sunday will be the day you travel back to Kampala.

2 days Queen Elizabeth  National Park

2 days Queen Elizabeth National Park  will take you to the most popular park in Uganda. You can tour this park on Friday and Saturday or on Saturday and Sunday. You will travel on both days and have safari activities on both days.

On day one you will travel to the park reach at lunch time, have lunch and thereafter head to the Kazinga channel for a boat ride. On day two you will have a game drive in the early morning and after the game drive you will have a late breakfast or brunch. After that meal, you will then travel back to Kampala.

Weekend safari itineraries
Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

2 days Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the nearest park to Kampala. So it’s the easiest park at which to have a weekend safari.

You can have the safari either on Friday and Saturday or on Saturday and Sunday.

On both days you will travel and also enjoy the park. The activities in this park include game drives, boat rides, nature walks and horse back riding. You can do all or any activity of your choice on either day of your weekend safari.

You can visit other parks too for the weekend parks like Murchison Falls can be visited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. however parks like  Kidepo National park may need an extra day either Monday or Thursday to compensate for the travel time to the park. Also if you have a park of your choice in mind, you can contact any of our tour consultants for tailor made weekend safari itinerary to the destination of your choice. Otherwise plan to use your weekend for one of the safaris above.

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