What are doing for your mother this mother’s day?

What are doing for your mother this mother’s day? : Mother’s day is upon us yet again, just less than 2 weeks to the second Sunday of May, most children young or grown are looking around for the best gift they can get their lovely mothers on this mother’s day.

Mother’s day is a day used to celebrate mothers for their love and constant care in our lives. Mothers are our heroes, greatest cheer leaders, our first contact health workers, our ever present support, our disciplinary council and also our lawyers..  haha the list can go on, mothers are our everything!

That’s why it’s just in order that that we celebrate them. However because they are our everything sometimes it’s hard to find that one thing that will interest them on this special day.  Well as we don’t know every mother’s preference but we know mothers cherish experiences that’s why we would like to suggest some fun activities that will give your mother a memorable experience this mother’s day.

The experiences include but not limited to:-

  1. Wildlife game drive

Wildlife game drives are drives in the wild to view the different wild animals, flora and other creatures that live in the wild. Game drives are usually done in game parks and game reserves where these wild creatures live. A wildlife game drive would be so ideal for your mother because it’s a relaxing and refreshing; you’re in a game viewing car and cruising in the wild sighting wild creatures as you take in the fresh atmosphere of the wild. And if your mother is a nature lover this would be the perfect experience for her.

Game parks in Uganda with spectacular game drives include Kidepo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National, Lake Mburo National Park and many more.

  1. Boat rides

Boat rides are rides on a water body where you explore the waters; sight beautiful surroundings and several creatures. Boat rides like wildlife game drives is refreshing and relaxing activity so you don’t have to worry about your mother getting worn out.  The only difference between boat rides and wildlife game drives is one is on land the other is on water. Boat rides are the perfect experience for mothers you just water sit and enjoy the breeze and calm of the waters.

Best water bodies for boat rides in Uganda include Lake Victoria, Kazinga channel, Nile River, Lake Mburo and many others

  1. Sipi Falls Hike

If your mother is a bit adventurous, Sipi falls hike will be a very good option for her. The Sipi Falls hike is the literal hike up the rocky terrains in Kapchwora to get to the Sipi falls. You should know that this is a simple hike anyone can do it so you shouldn’t worry about the physical abilities of your mother; we are sure if she is healthy she will handle the hike. The most rewarding experience is reaching the falls and watching them flow as you enjoy the beautiful rocky and green surrounding.

Sipi Falls is located in Eastern Uganda about 4 to 5 hours from Kampala.

Mothers day

  1. Source of the Nile Tour

Especially if your mother just wants to change scenery but not do anything engaging, the source of the Nile tour is the best. The source of Nile in Jinja town is amazing place and touring the source is such a calming experience. During the tour you get the visit the starting point of the Nile and then take time to just relax in the gazebos or gardens around the source, you can also visit the mini market at the entrance. The activity doesn’t involve as tiring things so it’s perfect.

Jinja is about 3 to 4 hours from Kampala city

  1. Kampala City Sight seeing

If you feel all the above suggestions are not your type or you feel you mother won’t like them or anything; but you still want to have an experience for your mother on this mother’s day, we suggest you have a Kampala City sightseeing tour where you go around the city to visit different historical and important sites in Kampala. The sightseeing tour in Kampala will allow you to visit places like the Uganda Museum, Kasubi tombs, Gadhafi mosque and other places.

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