What Are Some Of The Fun Facts About Kampala Uganda? Kampala is known as the largest city of Uganda, which has a big number of population of people compared to the other cities in the country. Kampala is also commonly referred to “the city of seven hills” and its name was derived from the local Buganda name “k’empala” which is meant to mean the hill of Impala.  In addition, the following below are some of the interesting fun facts about Kampala city that are so important for people to know.

  1. It is the capital city of Uganda.

Kampala city is famously known as the capital city of Uganda therefore ranking it as a must visit destination for any traveler while on their safari in Uganda. this city is occupied by an estimation of high population of about 1,659,600 residents and it is surrounded by so many attractions which are exciting for tourists to see most especially for those who are visiting for their first time and some of these include; the Uganda martyrs shrine, the Uganda National Museum, good restaurants and bars, shops, the Uganda wildlife education centre, bustling markets, kasubi tombs and many others.

More so, Kampala city is also made up of many people with different cultures speaking different languages, mixture of many religions and with a vibrant atmosphere and good warm climate.

  1. Kampala: A high crime rate area.

Unfortunately, tourists should know that Kampala city is also known as a high crime rate area where the criminal crimes are so very many and common such as; thieves have a habit of grabbing and snatching away peoples bags, pickpocketing which is defined as a crime where a thief is able to steal items and objects from the pockets such phones, money without the owners concern and many others. More so, there is a common crime of Vehicle vandalism, which is referred to as an act where thieves destroy, and damage peoples cars such as; slashing the tires and breaking windows which causes stress to the owners and leads them to go through unnecessary expenses that they had not budgeted for.

What Are Some Of The Fun Facts About Kampala Uganda?
Kampala City
  1. Kampala’s history.

Kampala has a long history that anyone would love to know. Years ago this city was referred to as the capital of the Buganda Kingdom which was a subnational kingdom that was considered as a major force in the region. More so, the Buganda kingdom was known as a political and cultural centre, which became an influence until today.

  1. Kampala is a bustling capital city.

Kampala is big city found in Uganda and it is commonly referred to as the city of hills because of its unique topography. More so, it is named so because it was constructed on the seven hills and the interesting thing is that each of these hills has its own history and significance and with the combination of all those hills is that they form up a foundation of the cities heritage and rich in culture. Therefore, some of these hills include; Kibuli hill, Lubaga hill, Namirembe hill, Old Kampala hill, Makerere hill, Nakasero hill AND Mengo hill among others.

  1. Maker ere Uganda’s largest and oldest university.

Kampala city is a city, which is a home to one of Uganda’s largest and second oldest university, and it is famously known as an education centre where students go to learn hence making it well renowned for academic and research purposes. Makerere is considered the oldest institution because it was established in 1922 and it has a distinguished history. More so, this university has contributed a lot to the production of the country’s influential leaders, innovators and great thinkers among others.

And apart from the mentioned above, there are so many other interesting facts that tourists should know about Kampala city and some of these include; the city has a good climate which comprises of two seasons such as; the dry season which is between months of June to September and from mid- December to February whereby the rain season which tends to be the shortest is between months of March to May, there is the Bahai temple within the city where people go to worship, Kampala is also city known to be a major source of income to the country due to the fact that it is considered as the countrys second largest industrial centre and seen as a major exporter for many goods such as; cotton, sugar, tea, coffee, tobacco, which are produced from many factories within the city and many others.

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