What Are The Five Smallest National Park In Uganda? Uganda the pearl of Africa is a cool destination to travel to while on your adventurous safari in Africa because it is a country which is well known for having a cool warm climate compared to the countries and this climate has two seasons such as; the dry season and the rainy season. However, tourists should note that the most appropriate time is during the dry season, which is always between months of June to August and from mid- December to February. and this is considered as the best time because it is when the less rainfalls are received and the grass vegetation is short which enables tourists to capture classic views of many tourist attractions more especially the wildlife species. more so, Uganda is has around 10 national parks where tourists can visit while on their safari and some of these game parks include; Murchison falls national park which is famously known to be the largest game park, Queen Elizabeth national park which is the second national park that is considered to be the most visited game park because of being the only place in the country where to see the unique tree climbing lions, Kidepo valley national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park which are famously known for being great destinations where to travel for gorilla trekking activities, semuliki national park and many other. However, in the context below are the some of the five smallest national parks can are found in Uganda and some of these include;

  1. Mgahinga Gorilla National park.

Mgahinga Gorilla national park is ranked to be among the smallest national parks in the country because it covers a total surface area of about 33.9 square kilometers and it was officially established as a national park in 1991. This national park is located within the Southwestern region of Uganda. more so, this game park maybe be among Uganda’s smallest national parks but not among the least popular because it is famously known one of the only two locations in the country where to track mountain gorillas and the gorilla trekking activity always goes for about 2 to 6 hours depending on where the mountain gorilla are located and this activity is one of the top tourism activities to do while on a safari in the country.


  1. Semuliki national park.

Semuliki national park covers a total surface area of about 219 square kilometers and it is located in the western region of Uganda in Bundibugyo district lying on Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This national park is known to be one of Africa’s most diverse forests which has stunning physical features such as; the unique hot springs and it is a home to over 60 mammal species such as; African buffalo, leopards, African elephants, African civet, bush babies, mona monkeys, African civet, water chevrotain among others. more so, it is also seen a birders haven due to the fact that it harbours around 435 bird species such as; spot breasted ibis, congo sepent eagle, haartlaub’s duck, red thighed sparrow hawk and many others.

What Are The Five Smallest National Park In Uganda?
Sempaya Hot Springs
  1. Bokora Corridor wildlife reserve.

Bokora corridor wildlife reserve is also one of the smallest national parks in Uganda covering a total surface area of about 80 square kilometers, which is located in the Northeastern region of Uganda. Despite the size of this game park, tourists around this area capture breathtaking landscapes, rolling hills, open plains around this park. More so, this reserve is also a perfect destination to travel to on your adventurous safari because it is a home to various wildlife species such as; zebras, antelopes, giraffes among others. In addition, individuals while exploring within this reserve can opt to embark onto several activities such as; guided nature walks and guided nature walks where they are always accompanied by park guides.

  1. Katonga Wildlife Reserve.

Katonga wildlife reserve is located in the Southwestern region of Uganda and it a small national park, which covers a total surface area of about 211 square kilometers and it, is famously known for its wetland eco system. More so, the Katonga River, which is considered the main tourist attraction within the park which is a suitable habitat to some animals like; hippos, crocodiles and many others traversed this national park. More so, visting within the reserve gives tourists great opportunities to engage in several interesting activities like; guided nature walks, canoe riding, community visits, cultural encounters, bird watching, wildlife viewing and many others.

  1. Matheniko wildlife reserve.

Matheniko wildlife reserve is located in Northeastern region of Uganda in Karamoja region, which covers a total surface area of about 240 square kilometers. this national reserve is characterized by its beautiful physical features such as;  rugged mountains, vast grass lands, rugged mountains which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species such as; buffalos, antelopes, elephants among others. In addition, visiting within the neighbouring communities around the reserve gives tourists chances to interact with the Karamojong people and get to learn more about their culture, customs and traditions and many others.

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