What COVID-19 SOPs do you observe when on a mountain gorilla trek?

What COVID-19 SOPs do you observe when on a mountain gorilla trek? : We are continually learning to live with COVID-19 in our communities and countries at large, even though the world is literacy back to normal, COVID-19 is still serious and with us hence we need to learn to live with the disease. As we learn to live with the disease several measures have been put in place to help combat the spread of the disease among people. From mass vaccination to routine testing to early treatment to SOPs, people and nations are literally making it a point to prevent themselves and others from the deadly virus.

To help people interact safely, different countries have adopted Standard Operating Procedures that are to be adhered to when people are in public to minimize chances of disease spread from one person to another.

These Standard Operating Procedures include:-

  • Wearing a face mask always.
  • Regular washing of hands with soap or sanitizing of your hands.
  • Keeping a 2 meter social distance between you and other persons.
  • Isolating immediately you have signs and symptoms or feel ill.

These Sops are used in all sectors including the tourism sector. Since the reopening of the tourism sector in Uganda people have been urged to take safaris under strict adherence to the COVID-19 SOPs.

Mountain gorilla trekking is one of the most sought after Tourism activity in Uganda, over a thousand people visit the country to have a chance to see the endangered mountain gorillas. Well as started above all safaris are conducted under strict observance of the COVID-19 SOPs and this doesn’t leave out mountain gorilla trekking.

So, what COVID-19 SOPs do you observe when on a mountain gorilla trek?

The COVID-19 SOPs you observe when on a mountain gorilla trek are:-

  1. Keeping a 2m distance between you and the other people you are trekking with; this means that even as you trek the mountainous forest and stand to observe the mountain gorillas you should make sure between you and the next persons there is a 2 meter distance. A mountain gorilla trekking experience is done in groups of 8 so make sure you maintain that distance.
  2. Wearing a mask at all times. As you trek it’s advised that you keep your mask on. However this make be hard since you climbing up hill and your breathing may be affected, so you are advised to keep your mask on when in close proxy with another trekker, or your in conversation and also when you are observing the mountain gorillas.
  3. Sanitizing your hands regularly, because you are in a forest it may be hand to have water and soap at hand, so the best option is to walk with a sanitizer to sanitize your hands regularly.
  4. Definitely if you feel sick or have any signs of COVID-19 while already on the trek you will required to abort the trek and go into isolation immediately.
What COVID-19 SOPs do you observe when on a mountain gorilla trek?
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These are the four main COVID-19 SOPs that you will have to observe on your mountain gorilla trek. However you should also know that on top of these Sops you will also be required to observe the mountain gorilla trekking rules that include but not limited to:-

  1. Keeping a 7 meter distance between you and the mountain gorillas
  2. Not using flash photography to capture images of the gorillas
  3. Not to litter or pollute the mountain gorilla habitat
  4. Not to do anything that endangers the mountain gorillas
  5. Not to feed the mountain gorillas
  6. Not to incite the mountain gorillas
  7. To always keep calm and moderately silent in the presence of the mountain gorillas
  8. Among other rules.

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