What is included in a safari package? : It’s that time of the year when everybody is planning for a safari, a getaway a trip anything that will give them the serene feeling and a rest from the normal day to day work. It’s also the time of year when tour companies are offering their customers various tour packages for the holidays.

So, in this article we list some of the things that you expect in every package you are offered by a tour operator.

  • Itinerary

An Itinerary is a laid out plan of the different activities and days you will have on your safari trip. It shows where you will go, when, where, how and many things. This itinerary helps you have an organised flow in your safari.

  • Destinations

The destinations help you manage your expectations, plan and also give you a clue on what your safari will look like.

  • Activities

The package should also clearly indicate the activities you will get to do on the trip, this will help you prepare better and also manage your expectations for the safari.

What is included in a safari package?
What is included in a safari package?
  • Cost

A package should also include the total cost of the trip or safari. This will help you budget or even know what need for the safari to be a success.

  • Transportation

Also the transportation should be included in the package. This is how you get around on your safari. So it’s important for you to have it in your packages.

  • Driver

Especially if you are not doing self-drive, you need a driver to get you to the places you have to be at. So your package has to include that.

  • Accommodation

You need a place to stay on your safari, so whatever package you get, it should include accommodation plans and places. You need to be sure where you a putting your head for the night after a safari day.

  • Major meals

A good package should also include meals, you need food to survive. So your package should cater for the major meals on your safari. The other top ups or snacks can be on your miscellaneous budget but the major meals should be covered.

  • Tour guides

A good package should also have tour guides or a tour guide assigned to you and team during a safari. A guide will be of great assistance to you as you get around. They help you enjoy your safari smooth as they know everything about the places and routes, so your safe.

The other thing is that these guides are your liaison between you and the communities. So you need them.

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