What Is The Major Tourist Attraction In Kidepo National Park? Kidepo national park is located in the North Eastern region of Uganda in Kabong district and it shares boarders with Sudan.  This national park covers a total surface area of about 1,442 square kilometers, which was first gazette as a game reserve, and later it was established as a national park in 1962 with the main aim of protecting all the wildlife animals in the park. More so, Kidepo national park is under the management of Uganda wildlife Authority who offer protect all the national parks in the country. more so, this national park is among the cool destinations to visit while on your adventurous safari in Uganda which is surrounded  with beautiful landscapes, open savanna plains, woodlands, dense forests which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species. and touring around Kidepo national park also blesses individuals with opportunities to engage in several activities like; bird watching, visiting the Nmukwenyi valley, guided nature walks, wildlife viewing, cultural encounter whereby they get to learn more about the culture, traditions and the way of life style of the Karamajong people among others.

Tourist attractions in Kidepo National park.

Mount Morungole.

Mount Morungole is one of the attractions, which is found within the Southern part of Kidepo national park standing at elevated area of about 2,750 meters high. More so, it is known to a place where the Ik people stay who are considered smallest tribe in Uganda. Therefore, touring around the summit of the mountain gives you chances to interact with these individuals and get to learn more about their culture and traditions. More so, Mount Morungole is also seen as perfect destination where people can go for activities like; hiking to the top of the mountain where they capture classic views of the beautiful scenery of the park.

Apoka Tourism centre.

Apoka tourism centre is located just a few kilometers away from a luxury safari lodge, which is known as; Apoka safari lodge and it is situated within the heart of the park. this tourism centre offers tourists with a number of facilities like; a craft shop where people can get to buy some of their essentials like; soft drinks like sodas and water in order to keep hydrated, note books which they may need to write some of the important things they will learn on their tour and other many soveniors and jewelry which they will take for their people at home among others. More so, the Apoka tourism centre is also seen as a good spot where to do activities like; game drives and guided nature walks and many others.

Narus Valley.

The Narus Valley is considered to be among the top attractions in the park which is also considered as the main water source where tourists always get chances to sight see many wildlife species as they gather around this area to drink water in order to quench off their thirst and some of these animals include; lions, hyenas, buffalos, oribis, hyenas, girafffes, cheetahs, reedbucks and Jackson’s hartebeests and many others.  And touring around the Narus valley  gives you chances to engage in intresting activities such as; Katurum loop and Katurum kopje.

What Is The Major Tourist Attraction In Kidepo National Park?
Narus Valley

Kipepo valley.

The kidepo valley is also a perfect destination where tourists can visit while on a Uganda birding safaris because there are so many bird species such as; littles bee-eater, red and yellow barbet, dark chanting goshawk around this area and it is famously known and commonly visited because of the Kanongorok hot springs. In addition, around this area there is a kidepo river, which is seen as a main water source.

And apart from the above mentioned attractions, there are more that can be found in Kidepo national park such as; the Kanangork hot springs, Lomek hills which are just located a few kilometers away from the park headquarters and around this area one can be able to spot birds like; chest nut weaver, karamoja apalis, Abyssinian, black breasted barbets and many others.

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