What makes mountain gorilla trekking fun?

What makes mountain gorilla trekking fun? Mountain gorilla trekking is one the most done tourist activities in Uganda and in Rwanda. This activity that involves trekking the forests which are the mountain gorilla habitats for hours in search of the endangered mountain gorillas and when found you spend an hour with them is not just adventurous it’s also exciting and fun.  

What makes mountain gorilla trekking fun?

Mountain gorilla trekking is an experience like no other and persons who take on this activity are always amazed at how fun and thrilling the activity is. For that reason we want to share with you some of our thoughts on what makes mountain gorilla trekking fun and exciting. 

You should note that this is a generalised list so some things may apply to some people and not as much to others, also you may also have a reason that we may have missed out on this list. Either way we all agreed that mountain gorilla trekking is fun and here are some of the reasons we think it’s fun. 

The trekking or hiking the forest

Mountain gorillas live high up in mountainous forests so those wishing to see them are subjected to a trek or hike up the forest for them to get a chance to see these famous and endangered mountain gorillas. The trek takes you through several tree species, mountainous trails and different forest hurdles to reach the mountain gorillas. Trekking or hiking up this mountainous forest in not a joke though quite adventurous, challenging and exciting above all the reward of seeing the mountain gorillas at the top is one that keeps you going. 

Different mountain gorilla forest habitats are unique in their structures and formations, so each forest will give its trekkers a unique experience that will be one to remember. 

This trek up and down the mountain is one to look forward to on your mountain gorilla trekking experience. 

The one hour with the gorillas 

Of course the main reason you take on mountain gorilla trekking is to see the unique and famous mountain gorillas; so when you find them in the forest your delight is immediately lifted up. When you find the gorillas you have one hour with them and you can use this hour as you please provided you stay within the given mountain gorillas guidelines. 

Some of the things you will be able to do in the one hour you are with the mountain gorillas is observe how they interact with each other, take photographs of the gorillas, analyse their habitat above all enjoy just being able to be in the presence of these famous mountain gorillas. 

The trekking group 

Mountain gorilla trekking is done in groups of 8; so when you book your permit for the mountain gorilla trekking experience you will be placed in a group of other 7 people making you the eighth. All these people are unique even you so taking on this exciting challenge with them is one mind blowing adventure.

Exploring the forest 

As you take on the mountain gorilla trekking challenge in this unique forest you will definitely have an opportunity to explore the forest, appreciating the different tree species in the forest, the vegetation and several other features of the forest. 

The ranger will also give you more information about the forest as you go up, so it’s a great way for you to learn about the forest, its history and several features. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. 

Sighting other forest creatures 

Though the mountain gorillas are the most known animals to live in the mountainous forest, it goes without saying the forest is also a habitat to other creatures including other primates, wild animals, birds etc. As you take the mountain gorilla trekking experience you will have a chance to see these creatures. 

Views of the surroundings 

Because the mountain gorillas live in high altitudes, it’s normal to be at a high levelled ground when you meet these mountain gorillas and from these high levelled grounds you are able to see and appreciate the surroundings which are also very scenic views.

Other activities done as top ups for the mountain gorilla trekking experience 

When you go for mountain gorilla trekking, you chance to do other activities that done in and round the park and top ups on your mountain gorilla trekking experience. These activities include but not limited to:- community tours, birding, nature walks and many more. 

Mountain gorillas are found in Uganda in Bwindi National Park which has the highest number of mountain gorillas in the world, Mgahinga National Park and in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park.

Mountain gorilla trekking is done all year round in Uganda and Rwanda at mountain gorilla trekking permit fees of 700 USD and 1500 USD respectively.

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