What makes Rwanda beautiful?: Rwanda is a top safari destination in East Africa. It’s one of the most sought-after Destinations in the region registering over 10000 visitors annually. The visitors of course come to see the beauty and numerous attractions in the park that include but are not limited to the mountain gorillas, the hills, the genocide memorial sites, the canopy walks, communities and many more things.

What makes Rwanda beautiful?

You will be in Wonderland when you visit Rwanda. That’s why in this article we share some highlights of what makes Rwanda beautiful.

Rwanda is a land of a thousand hills, so when you talk about scenic landscapes you will be in a landscape haven with numerous mountains, hills and valleys. You get to experience a beautiful hilly landscape at its best.

The mighty mountain gorillas. These apes are the wonders of the jungle. Big, calm, intelligent, social, human like and just absolutely amazing. Visiting these primates in their natural habitat volcanoes National Park will leave you in awe of their beauty.

If primates are your thing, you will also enjoy the golden monkeys in the same Volcanoes National Park and then down south in Nyungwe National Park, you will also enjoy the chimpanzees also breath-taking primates coming behind the gorillas.

What makes Rwanda beautiful?
volcanoes national park

Down south you also enjoy the only canopy walk in the region in Nyungwe National Park.

Other beauties in this park include the waterfalls, the butterflies, the bush herbs and of course the numerous tree species that make up the Nyungwe forest.

On the route to Nyungwe, you will have a visit at the king’s palace where you will go back memory lane to the days of the kings in Rwanda.

Akagera National Park is another beautiful thing in Rwanda, the only savannah wildlife park in Rwanda, offers its visitors not just the natural beauty of the area but even the beauty of the animals that live in this park. Animals that include but are not limited to buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, topis, Impalas, and leopards among others.

The beauty in this park also extends to the breathtaking lake Ihema Where you can take boat rides to enjoy different views of the park and the flora and fauna in the park.

If you are the adventurous type or you want to taste your physical abilities the mountain in Rwanda is a beautiful feature to take on. On top of the physical challenge, you also get to witness scenic views around the Mountain while you climb to the top. The mountains of Rwanda include Mount Bisoke a dormant volcano with a stunning crater lake, Mt Karismbi, Mt Muhavura and others.

Musanze caves are also other magnificent features to see in Rwanda. They are in close proximity with Volcanoes National Park so after your mountain gorilla trekking experience you can opt to visit the caves. The caves have a beautiful story to them of the traditional practices that used to be upheld by the royal communities in the olden days.

In close proxy with the caves are twin lakes that you can add to your itinerary to spice up your visit.

Other beauties to see in Rwanda are the Dian Fossey grave and center: which was set up as a memorial to the prominent primatologist who dedicated her life to researching the mountain gorillas.

The genocide memorial sites spread out in the country are also a must visit. Their unique beauty is not only captivating but also tells the Rwanda story of newfound peace, unity and hope among the people of Rwanda.

Other beauties in the land are the capital city Kigali, the different communities that have friendly and welcoming people, local markets, and sports arenas like the new facelifted Amahoro stadium, BK arena, and Gahanga cricket oval among other facilities.

The bottom line is Rwanda is beautiful, left right, south, north and center; so, book that trip to this amazing destination now.

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