What to do when a Gorilla charges on you, gorillas are wildlife animals, they share 98% DNA with humans. Gorilla groups that you meet while trekking are habituated mountain Gorillas, however their still wild animals’ one should be very carefully.

Some of what you can do when the Gorilla takes charge of you.

One must study the Mountain Gorilla behavior

A gorilla jumps, vocalize loudly, slaps the ground when angry, Gorillas will grab and tug around your cloths.

Do not react when the Gorilla charges stay calm.

When you scream this will antagonize the Gorilla.

Be Submissive

Be submissive, Gorillas hate looking directly into someone’s eyes, try much as possible to look away.

Crouch down and make yourself small.

Make yourself small the Gorilla will not feel challenged; Gorillas are scared of anything larger than them or challenges their authority.

Stay quite, when the Gorilla attacks you this will include severe biting and pounding or tearing with the hands. Even if you feel its harming you do not resist or fight back, you will be interpreting the behavior as threatening and it may cause the Mountain Gorilla to hurt you more.


Mountain Gorillas can get a hold of you groom its arm while as you loudly smack your lips.

Wild primates are fastidious groomers; groom the gorilla using this fashion may distract the Gorilla in a nonthreatening way.

The Gorilla will relax, slowly however keep grooming the gorillas hand as you show keen interest in any bits or dirty on the Gorillas.

One should remaining very silent until when help arrives or when the Gorilla comes down.

Gorillas can have their hands around you if they do so not temper to remove them, take in mind Gorillas as much stronger than a grown human, even if you try to remove the hand you won’t manage because it will feel challenged.





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