What to pack for a Ugandan safari : Uganda is one of the best-recommended places one could opt to visit while planning to go on a safari. This country which is also known as “the pearl of Africa” has good climate compared to all other countries in the world and is surrounded by beautiful nature which is breathe taking as one relaxes, beautiful landscapes which ease the journey as tourists explore through the country, stunning water bodies such as; lake Victoria that is known to be the largest lake in Uganda, lake Albert, lake Kyoga and River Nile among others.

What you need for an East African safari

More so, Uganda as a number of many tourists’ attractions that attract many tourists in the country hence leading to the growth of the tourism industry in the country. Uganda has around 10 national parks that act as one of the major tourists attractions and these include; Murchison falls national park which is known to be the largest among all others, Bwindi impenetrable national park, kibale national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake mburo national park, Kidepo national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park, mount Elgon national park, Rwenzori mountains national park, Virunga national park, volcanoes national park. while tourists explore within these places, they always get chances to see a variety of interesting wildlife species such as; African elephants, leopards, antelopes, buffaloes, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, Nile crocodiles, Black and white colobus monkeys, common warthog, common elands and a number of bird species like; the rare shoebill stork, the great blue turaco, Grauer’s broadbill, standard-winged nightjar, grey crowned crane, marabou stork, African finfoot, long-crested eagle and many others.

Tourists exploring in Uganda while on their safari always get chances to involve themselves in several interesting activities where they get to learn and experience new things as they create remarkable memories. These activities include; gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, cultural experience, canoeing, water rafting, game drives, boat safaris, volcano hiking, Kampala city tour and many others. However, as tourists plan to go to their safari in Uganda, it is advisable to pack the following things because they visit different places and engage in different activities in order to have a good time without having any disturbances.

 Things to pack while going on a Ugandan safari.

Travel documents.

Tourists planning to travel to Uganda should consider it important to pack their travelling documents like; a passport, tickets/ visa, insurance documents, identity cards, yellow fever vaccines, a safari intermarry, cash in foreign currency, among others. More so, for those who wish to engage in activities like; Uganda gorilla Trekking and chimpanzee trekking, they are always encouraged to come along with their gorilla trekking permits because they are asked to be represented at the park headquarters before entering in the park and these activities are best done in places like; Kibale national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park.


What to pack for a Ugandan safari
What to pack for a Ugandan safari

Tourists planning to travel to Uganda on a safari are encouraged to pack light clothes because Uganda as a country is well known to have a warm climate and considering the fact that the dry season is considered as the time for one to go Uganda on a safari. More so, individuals that plan to visit places like the national parks are encouraged to pack long sleeved shirts and top, long trousers due to the fact that these areas tend to be bushy but they are also advised to pack warm clothes like sweaters to wear during in the morning and evenings when the weather tends to be abit cold. However, tourists should also note that Uganda’s public dress code is less revealing and modest because of its people being religious.


For those tourists who plan on engaging in some activities like; gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, hiking, guided nature walks through the dense forests during their safari are encouraged to pack good hiking boots help them to feel comfortable and enjoy their tour.


Due to the fact, the safari in Uganda is best during the dry season, tourists are encouraged to pack a sunscreen, which helps to prevent their skin from the rays of the scorching sun. More so, they can pack along a cap/ a round brimmed hat and sunglasses that help to protect the face and eyes from the direct sunlight.


Tourists who love photography are advised to pack their cameras while on their tour as they take pictures and record videos of interesting features, wildlife species and beautiful places in order to keep them for memories or to show their people back at home.

Insect repellant.

Individuals are advised to pack along the insect repellant as they might get chances to visit the Uganda’s wilderness areas where there are many insects roaring around therefore, this insect repellant helps in preventing insects from bothering and biting them hence preventing them from acquiring diseases.


Tourists are also advised to pack a light raincoat which is helpful just in case it happens to rain especially when visiting in places like; Bwindi impenetrable national park, kibale national park and within the rain forests that always tend to have unpredictable weather as they experience rainfalls all year around, What to pack for a Ugandan safari


Tourists planning to go on a safari in Uganda most especially the bird lovers are always encouraged to pack binoculars which helps them to capture classic views of bird species while they are distant in the sky such as the rare shoebill stork and also tourists during game drives, they can opt to use the binoculars to get clear views of different animal species such as; leopards, lions, bush bucks, zebras while they are in long distances away from where they are stationed.

Mobile phones.

It is important for tourists to come along with their phones because it helps them to keep in touch as they talk to their people back at home. More so, most lodges and hotels in Uganda are known to provide their guests with free WI-FI that is always available which helps individuals that are so familiar with the internet to keep their funs updated about how their trip is going on as they post pictures of themselves and some of the interesting things they have seen during their tour.

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