What you need for an East African safari : East African safaris are a delight, some of the most refreshing, amazing, breathtaking, and surreal experiences. Most people who have had that safari can attest to the beauty of East Africa from the people, wildlife, and nature.

However, in most cases when one books a safari, they just don’t know what they need for the safari and are wondering what should and shouldn’t have as they go for this experience.

Well, we got you covered; here are some of the things you need for that East African safari.

  1. Bookings and Itineraries

Like for any safari or travel you can just fall from earth and expect everything to be in order. You will have to make your Bookings in time so that you have where to go when you land in the country of your destination. You will also need an itinerary or itineraries to guide your movement on the safari. So those are important.

  1. Identification documents

What you need for an East African safari is Your identification documents including your National ID and passport mainly; if you are a high office official may be that too. But you need your identification to help you be identified on your safari.

  1. Safari clothing

Depending on the safari you are going you will need appropriate clothing for that particular safari. Usually, people pack kaki clothes that they use for game drives, trekking nature walks, and so on. The Kaki is strong and can’t be easily torn by tree branches or even insects that may want to bite you. But if you are planning to do some recreational activities think of some light clothing that fits in that. Hiking of course you need a whole other list of clothing, shoes, and gear. But all we are saying is to plan to have some clothes to wear that are appropriate and comfortable.

What you need for an East African safari
Safari Clothing
  1. Sunburn cream

Especially if you are traveling in the summer you have to get sunburn cream because the sun in Africa and East Africa is really hot. If it is the rainy season can some warmers, it gets pretty cold in the wee hours of the night and morning.

  1. Camera or any memory-capturing device

We are assuming you have your phone because it’s the only way to communicate between you and your tour consultant. You may want to carry a camera to capture your moments on a safari or you may want to use your phone which is okay. But plan for that, there are a lot of memories you can make and will need to capture.

  1. Health Insurance card or medication if you need to

If you know you have a condition or a disease that needs constant medication, to be on the safe side carry your medication for yourself or better side carry your travel health insurance. Also always declare to your tour consultant if you have any health condition they should know of so that they can advise you on what to do.

  1. Money

You need money, yes most safaris are prepaid the entry tickets, accommodation, meals, and some other items. But on a safari in a new country, you will always find something you want to buy or you will need something you thought you didn’t or forgot and hence you will need the money to buy it. So carry some money either electronically or in cash. This is some of the information on what you need for an East African safari! Enjoy your trip.

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