What’s special about the Kigali Kampala safari?  Kigali Kampala safaris are becoming more and more common every day in the region. Many travelers are choosing to do safaris both in Rwanda and Uganda; starting from Kigali and then proceeding to Uganda.

So the big question is what is special about the Kigali Kampala safari?

Well first of all the Kigali Kampala safari gives you the opportunity to explore Uganda and Rwanda on one safari. So you tour places in Rwanda and Uganda.

You get the opportunity to visit two East African countries each giving you a unique experience of its own.

The Kigali Kampala safari is a bowl of lots of safaris and activities that include but are not limited to primate trekking safari activities, savannah game drives, boat rides, city tours, hiking, community tours, and many more. You get to enjoy all these activities on the days of your safari.

If you are a road trip kind of traveler you will definitely enjoy road travel from country to country, What’s special about the Kigali Kampala safari?

This safari usually commences from Kigali in Rwanda. So you get to tour the Kigali city first exploring the Genocide Memorial Center, local sites in Kigali site, markets, and hang-out joints, among others.

After the Kigali city tour, you then move to the North of Kigali to Volcanoes National Park where you spend a night and have a mountain gorilla trekking experience the next day. The experience usually takes most of your day so after you may just opt to spend a night at the park or hit the road to Kampala through the Gatuna border.

All in all after your visit to Volcanoes National Park, you will now be heading to Kampala.

Your journey to Kampala will start at the Gatuna border, your entry into Uganda. From the border, you will head to Bwindi National Park, where you will spend a night.

Oh, another highlight about the Kigali Kampala safari you get to enjoy gorillas in two habitats, Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi National Park.

What’s special about the Kigali Kampala safari?
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi National Park

If you moved in the night, you will get to Bwindi National Park really in the night. If you moved during the daytime or the morning you will get to Bwindi in the daylight, relax and have a tour of the forest and the community before you retire to the day.

Bwindi National Park is a wonder endowed with over 1000 trees that make up the impenetrable forest. The mountainous landscape is also one that makes you marvel. Well and when you take the mountain gorilla trek it’s spectacular, you can compare notes if you want Rwanda and Uganda which one gives you the best trekking experience.

Another thing that makes this safari special, after the Bwindi visit you get an opportunity to see the rare tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You get to enjoy the tree-climbing lions and the other savannah animals in that park before you head to Kampala.

If you are not in a hurry you will have time on your hands to get a chance to extend your stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park have a boat ride, visit Kyambura gorge for the chimpanzee experience, and have a birding-watching spree if you want to.

Then after the Queen Elizabeth National Park visits you will head to Kampala, where you will spend as much time as you want exploring the capital of Kampala, the 7 hills, local markets, Kabaka’a Palace, the National Museum, the Namugongo shrines, and many other things.

And when you are done you will sign out of Kampala to Your next destination as you wish.

And the most special things you would have gained on this safari would be enjoying two beautiful countries in one round trip.

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