Where Is Sipi Falls Found? Sipi falls is located in Kapchorwa district in the Eastern region of Uganda, in North East of Mbale and it just takes travelers about 4 hours and a distance of about 277 kilometers from Kampala to access the falls. Sipi falls is made up of three waterfalls, which are found at the foothills of Mountain Elgon, and the unique thing about these falls is that each of them flows at different heights however, the main waterfall is considered as the highest and the last in the sequence as it descends from a height of about 100 meters. More so, this waterfall is larger compared to the other two falls.

Eastern Uganda

Sipi falls derived its name from a local word “Sep” which is known to be a name of an indigenous plant that  is used to by the local people to treat some diseases like; Measles and malaria. A plant species is usually noticed growing wild around the banks of the Sipi River and it looks like a banana in shape. The sipi falls in Uganda is a good place where tourists can opt to visit while on their safari in the country because it is a good destination where one can relax, let loose and chill away from the noise and craziness in the cities because it is steep with a good cold climate and during this area, individuals commonly trek during the rain which may be difficult but a good experience.

More so, there are mainly two ethnic tribes that tourists can get to interact with while exploring around the Sipi falls and those are; the Bagisu and Sabinyu or some of the individuals can choose to visit the three plantations whereby the local guides always accompany them. More so, this region mainly have the Arabica coffee as their main cash crop, which is always cultivated at an altitude between 1600 meters and 1900 meters above the sea level, which is within the adjacent settlements. Travelers touring around the Sipi falls should never worry about where to stay because there are magnificent lodge which are always available for guests however they range differently for example; from budget, mid-range and luxury  hence giving visitors an opportunity to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget.

Things to do while at Sipi falls.

Tourists exploring around the Sipi falls are always blessed with big chances to engage themselves in very many interesting activities such as;

Cultural Encounters.

Tourists visiting in Kapchorwa always get chances to see and watch the circumcision process because this area is famously known to be doing both female and male circumcisions. However, the circumcision of women has been reduced because research showed that is it very risky and unsafe for women to circumcise. More so, tourists get to interact and learn more about the Bagisu and the Sabiny people who primary occupy this area. Tourists always tend to learn more about their history from paying attention while listening to their stories, watch how they prepare their local meals and leave their daily lifestyle, and these local people always entertain their visitors with their traditional dance performances and sing for them their folk songs among others.

Where Is Sipi Falls Found?
Sipi Falls

Bird watching.

Sipi falls are seen as the best destination for bird lovers to ever visit because it is well known that Mount Elgon National park is a home to over 275 bird species therefore giving a chance to tourists to sight see various numbers of the beautiful bird species. More so, tourists who opt to have their stay at Sipi River lodge can always wake up to sweet melodies of the birds singing within the lodge’s gardens.

Visiting the Sipi River.

Touring around the sipi falls does not only give you chances to explore and enjoy classic views of the three water falls but also visit the Sipi River where they can see the Sep plant which is known to be a herb that treats measles and fever.

Mountain Biking.

Tourists who have their best interest in engaging in mountain biking are given chances to feel free to carry along their own bikes so that they can be able to ride across the the Rocky Mountains as they enjoy a wonderful moment.

Rock climbing and Abseiling.

Sipi falls is the best destination for tourists who want to go abseiling in Uganda and have a sense of adventuring. More so, during this activity, well-experienced park guides whose role is to accompany, guide and assist touring during this adventure always accompany tourists.


Hiking is the best option for one to do while touring around the sipi falls because the area is steep which makes it difficult for easy movement of cars. During this hiking, local guides always guide through the tourists because they have enough knowledge about the history and the geological of the region. More so, tourists can visit the coffee plantations and learn how coffee is being harvested, processed, and roasted among others.

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