Wildlife Wonders of Uganda : The “Pearl of Africa” Uganda has beautiful sceneries and diverse fauna. This charming country is the location where one can find vast forests, savannahs and calm lakes in East Africa. This is a journey of exploration where one gets to explore uganda’s wildife wonders in search for the secrets held by national park, meet magnificent animals and experience the beautiful tapesty of natural heritage.

3 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari

Gorillas in the mist, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The story gets underway when we enter into a highly spiritual and rare forest known as, “Bwindi Impenetrable”; a national park and it is here that we meet with our counterparts from the Mountain Gorillas. We move along the thick undergrowth and foggy routes finding there these meek colossus in its wild surroundings. Witnessing such human-like gestures and feeling a deep connection with them makes people feel small and insignificant. Expert guides take us on a lifetime experience, enlightening us about the gorilla’s behavior, conservational practices, and more so, the significance of conservation.

Savannahs of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Next is our treacherous journey through the endless savannahs of Queen Elizabeth National Park as we look for the famous tree climbing lions. The safari experience here feels exciting as we see lions relaxing on top of old fig tree and their royalty makes us feel happy looking out into the African wild. Also, one can spot other members of the Big Five such as elephants, buffaloes and leopard in the park hence a haven for wildlife lovers and photographers.

Kibale Forest National Park Primate paradise paradise

In continuation, our journey takes us to the primate paradise of Kibale Forest National Park. It is a luxurious refuge with many primates like chimps, black and white colobuses, red tails among others. The mischievous acts of these primates are depicted, and also how they live and why they are important in the forest. Interacting with these intelligent beings at their home ground is priceless as it elucidates the intricacies of primate habits and interaction.

Murchison Falls National park can easily be referred to as the hidden gems.

We continue our journey and find ourselves in Murchison falls national park – truly a treasure in Uganda’s jewels of wild life. The most remarkable sight in this area is where the powerful Nile River passes through a small channel forming a stunning sight referred to as Murchison Falls. We can also watch various animals come down to drink water on boat safari along the river. A picture of nature’s harmony is painted by crocodiles basking in sun, hippos wallowing in the shallows, many birds singing in the sky.

Wildlife Wonders of Uganda
Murchison Falls N.P

Lake Bunyonyi, a calm lake.

The last stop in our trip is going to be at the calm Lake Bunyonyi which is also known as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Around it, there are green hills decorated with many tiny islands that make its landscape breathtakingly beautiful. Here we can relax from our wildlife adventures and also participate in canoeing or swimming as well as visit the surrounding neighboring communities.. We end our Ugandan excursion with the warm hospitatily of the people at the beautiful lake side scenery of Lake Bunyonyi.


Going bird watching, tracking wildlife and exploring the wildlife wonders of Uganda is not about a trip; it is all about an inner transformation, a process towards discovering oneself at its deepest level of understanding through realizing more about the interdependency, uniqueness and commonality in the The mysterious gorillas of bwindi impenetrable forest, kibale forest national park primate diversity and hidden treasures of murchison falls national park form the tapestry of Ugandan naturals waiting to be explored. Every time we meet with any form of South African wildlife, it both excites and charges within us an obligation of conservation practices. Saying goodbye to the land of such diversity, we are taking with us memories not only of unrepeatable meetings, but also a promise to save Ugandan natural wealth for subsequent generations who will enjoy it just like we did.

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